Dear Family and friends,

Our dear friend and protector Mama Lill finally got a message through from Melissa.

She has been in the hospital as right after she worked the Conscious Life Expo at the Los Angeles Hilton, the stress was just too much for her and she had a massive attack of vertigo.

The ENT she saw confirmed advance Menerie’s disease, arachnoid cysts in her brain that had swelled due to stress and hearing loss from the attack, which is even more horrible as she is a musician and had worked on her piano for the last year.

During all of this she obviously had not charged her iPHONE as it wasn’t allowed where she was in the hospital.

She is still out there broke and all alone…and should be looking at getting full disability INSTEAD of being FORCED by the FedGovSCUM into getting some garbage job while she is there in the Half Hell House…and she still has no where acceptable to go for “Home Confinement”…so she may be forced to stay where she is!!

The sheer vicious cruelty that has been demonstrated towards BOTH of us by these DEEP STATE government SCUM is unbelievable…for a “crime” with “NO VICTIMS AND NO MONETARY LOSS TO THE GOVERNMENT”.

And all this done to a woman who collapsed as the verdict was read…was CLINICALLY DEAD for FOUR MINUTES…and spent 3 days in the intensive care ward fighting for her life…and they STILL gave her 2 YEARS in prison…for doing nothing more than legally notarizing DOCUMENTS!

Add to this our “FRIENDS” on the outside who STOLE and SOLD everything we had, including our cats, looted our bank accounts, PRETENDED to be selling my books and keeping the money and stole and sold my car!

Leaving us with NOTHING to rebuild our shattered lives.

PLEASE HELP HER IF YOU CAN! Send anything you can possibly SPARE or share to:


Thank you all SO MUCH! ONLY LOVE CAN SAVE US ALL! Things are given as charity and gifts of the spirit return to us 10-FOLD!

“For if you have done these things for the LEAST of my flock…so thereby you have done them for Me!”


Dr. Sean-David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 89734