I was literally thrown into the street by Elizabeth V, 63, and her freak mutant alien hybrid 28 year old LOVER/WARD….something. They are both clinically insane and I am glad to be out of there…but the moving and the stress caused me to stroke out and bleed like Jesus!
So INSTEAD of going to the HALF HELL HOUSE, I came here to CEDARS…but so far all the Drs. have just thrown up there hands not knowing what to do!!
I used all the ALT.MEC stuff for 3 months and NOTHING worked….so now I am
the clutches of WESTERN RESCUE MEDICINE and will will see what they do!
Thanks to the INSANE MEXICANS if I am dicharged from the the hospital…I have NOWHERE TO GO
i have a wonderful woman willing to take me in down in Ladera Ranch…but my CAPTURES WON’t APPROVE IT!
So there is the story. Spread it far and wide if you will!