The 13 year cycle ENDS with another ALIGNMENT with GALACTIC CENTER on December 21, 2025.

But here is a quick list of what is to COME!:

1. 2020-Trump is reelected president of the United States.
2. Trump may NOT survive this TERM, because once again, he runs dead into the ZERO CURSE of a conjunction of SATURN and JUPITER across the US CHART, which has killed presidents elected in ZERO YEARS! The curse was BROKEN with the NEAR assassination of RONALD REAGAN, and George W. Bush came CLOSE when a hand grenade tossed at him during a speech in the UKRAINE MIRACULOUSLY didn’t EXPLODE! Also, I had conversations with the SECRET SERVICE and gave all the astro stress points where he needed to be protected…WHICH THEY HEEDED! (Sorry about that)
3. 2020–IN US CHART same aspects as THE BATTLE OF LEXINGTON…so this may begin a US CIVIL WAR.
4. June 1, 2022–A SUPER NOVA will appear in the sky on the RIGHT WING of the constellation of CYGNUS THE SWAN, also known as the NORTHERN CROSS! This supernova exploded in 1638 AD and the LIGHT will start to reach us by then and should last for 3 months. Madame Blavatsky called this “THE DEATH STAR” and “it will bring a horrible culling of man and animals.”
5. November, 2022—USA experiences its PLUTO RETURN with Pluto moving to 27 degrees CAPRICORN. This was a NEW START for the USA as we finally declared INDEPENDENCE in protest over the TYRANNY of the BRITISH BANKS, TAXES and LEGAL OPPRESSION. SOUND FAMILIAR? Nothing like NOW at ALL!
6. Between Nov. 2022 and Dec. 24, 2024—Pluto moves BACK AND FORTH over 27 degrees CAPRICORN 3 times…just running us over, and backing up and running us over again and again. The break up of the country. EARTH CHANGES! CALIFORNIA DESTROYED! MIDWEST DESTRUCTION! Revolution. Financial chaos. Think all the bad parts of THE WHO’S “WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!”
7. Finally, PLUTO moves into AQUARIUS, really beginning a NEW GOLDEN AGE for Mankind on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2024. AND…Aquarius is MASSIVE SUDDEN CHANGE and destruction of the OLD system of slavery and oppression must END so something NEW and AMAZING can talk its place.
8. December 21, 2025…ALIGNMENT WITH GALACTIC CENTER…LIKE 2012….THE END OF THE NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR and a UNITING of the SOUL OF MAN and a raining down of amazing cosmic spiritual energy. Aquarius is the COSMIC MESSIAH pouring out the cistern of UNIVERSAL ENLIGHTENMENT upon us all!


So just wanted to get all that straight!

We now return you to the prisons in which you live.


Dr. Sean-David Morton
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