Hey There! Hi There! Ho There! Everybody.

So in the awful saga of all of this last MARCH, 2018, I was taken to Dr. Columhi, an ophthalmologist here in Tucson. He told me that I had macular degeneration in my right eye and showed me pictures of it that should have looked like a well formed cone structure…but instead looked like a clown that had been hit in the face with a pie.

Now, I could still SEE out of that eye, and could read and watch TV and all with glasses, etc. But this doctor insisted that this operation was “absolutely necessary”. So begins the story. I was taken to a full on hospital where they did this procedure, and for several weeks after words, I had a huge black bubble bouncing around in my eye like a carpenter’s level, which then gave birth to 2 smaller bubbles that looked like the Disney Mickey Mouse logo burned into my eye.

When all this Mr. Bubble nonsense subsided…I was totally and utterly BLIND in my right eye. Well, Dr. Columhi THEN told me that as a result of the procedure that part of my eye was starved of oxygen and that “OF COURSE” blindness would occur.
To which I responded, “WHATAYA MEAN OF COURSE!”

“Well, you have to see another specialist to take out the cataract in your eye and now REPLACE THE LENS!” None of this was I TOLD when this happened.

Here is where I think the DOJ and the BOP were conspiring with each other. They KNEW I was acting as my own attorney. THEY KNEW that I was doing all the reading and paperwork and research on my own. Less than 3 weeks after this blinding boxes of my DISCOVERY, which I had never gotten DURING MY TRIAL, finally showed up HERE…and of course now I was blind in one eye and had to use a magnifying glass and special glasses just to read it, resulting in stunning headaches and my eyes weeping all the time like being forced to watch OLD YELLER again and again…

I put in complaint after complaint to the BOP, and the nurses, and doctors and advisors and councilors, FOR A YEAR, kept telling “30 days…coming soon! 30 days! Right around the corner…” One lady doctor said, “Well, it IS scheduled, but I can’t tell you the exact date!”

“Why?” I asked. She said, “Well…because you might escape!”

I pointed at the hallway door that led to the outside…and less than a hundred yards beyond that was the main road. No fence or wall, or anything. It’s kind of insulting really, that you could just walk out of this place anytime you wanted.

So I finally just started saying, “WELL, I guess HELL WILL FREEZE OVER by the time I get my eye fixed…”

And guess what? TODAY…HELL…FROZE OVER!

Not to know all those GLOBAL WARMING SCIENTIST eggheads, but it snowed like CRAZY here at the camp in Tucson. Like a white Christmas, we built a snowman and had snowball fights…until we were told that was technically class 4 assault and to KNOCK IT OFF!


This guy is Dr. DIAZ, and when I told him I have been waiting for 11 MONTHS to get my eye finally FIXED he was shocked. He did the exam and offered to write a letter of emergency to the prison to get this done as soon as possible.

I also explained to him that I had WON MY CASE already, and that I had UNOPPOSED and UNCONTESTED motions sitting in front of the 9th Circuit Court, and as soon as they got around to ruling, I would be FREE. But I can’t DRIVE or really do anything being blind in one eye…and that if I didn’t get it finally done in HERE…then I would have to add to my mult-million dollar lawsuit for damages and reparations.

But here is the GAME they play…The PRISON says it is up to when the DOCTOR can schedule it…and the DOCTOR says, “No…I can do it any time…it is up to when the PRISON schedules it…” So the Catch 22 games continue.

But…HELL FROZE OVER and sometimes miracles happen…

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton


PO BOX 24529
Tucson, AZ, 85734

PS: ALL LETTERS will be responded to…so keep those cards and letters coming!

So I got a really cool Nick Fury eye patch…and back to camp I went, still awaiting that magical day when I finally get my cataract and the lens in my eye replaced and I can SEE once more