Dearest Darling Eternal Friends and Family,

Well, Melissa is finally out and about. She is at the FED “HALF-WAY HOUSE” (co-ed semi-jail) on the corner of Cripp St. and Bloods Blvd. in beautiful downtown WATTS, four blocks from the Towers in South Central. Indeed, the FUN CAPITAL OF NORTH AMERICA!

She will be working ROBERT QUICKSILVER’S CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO at the LAX Hilton at Dr. Susan Shumsky’s booth this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So please stop by and say hello or drop her an email at:

We set up a PayPal account for contributions for everyone out there to HELP HER!

She literally needs CLOTHES and SHOES and car repairs while she is combing the area for a new job and even a PLACE TO LIVE. She will be HOMELESS in less than 30 days. And bless her heart, she called in some favors and scrapped together enough to finally get her hair done today, bless her heart.



So many wonderful ANGELIC people pitched in for hurricane, flood and earthquake relief all over the world…consider this Hurricane FedGovScum RELIEF! And to help someone in NEED that you know and love, and has been UNJUSTLY PERSECUTED to levels BEYOND IMAGINATION!

And it wasn’t even the FedGovScum that cleaned us out! It was the people that pretended to be our “FRIENDS”, vultures and vipers, who just saw an opportunity to descend on the helpless. They gave away all our clothes, SOLD everything we had, and just STOLE THE MONEY! My classic 1975 FIAT, my comic collection, all our jewelry and furniture, all of our cats and kittens….sold for about $25,000. Then LAUGHED about keeping it all!!

This, by “FRIENDS” she TRUSTED!

This has all been the hardest on Melissa. Brandon Adams Tax Prep company filed her taxes, she NEVER got a tax return, got IRS FINES anyway, had HER personal bank accounts illegally cleaned out, and she only notarized and mailed documents on behalf of OTHERS! She suffered a STROKE during the court proceedings, which resulted in HER DEATH for FOUR minutes and 3 days in INTENSIVE CARE fighting for her life!! Just BEYOND THE PALE! And she is STILL dealing with MENERS Disease, and Arachnoid Cysts in her brain, and partial paralysis from the stroke, and a permanently crippled knee from the attack by armed jackbooted assault rifle wielding IRS thugs, POSING as “POLICE”!

With the help of so many of our friends like Kerry Cassidy, and Lorien Fenton and Mike Nitehawk Ringley, and JP Peron and MR. RHO, and Louise from the GOLDFISH REPORT and so many wonderful friends, WEB and radio personalities, we raised nearly $10,000 for our APPEAL and DEFENSE using over a year ago.

Just to show the level of sheer hatred and malevolence at work here, DOJ Prosecutors Valerie Makawitz and James C. Hughes, THREATENED and our friends saying that WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO RAISE MONEY FOR OUR LEGAL DEFENSE…and FORCED THEM to send the money BACK!!

Is this STANDARD PRACTICE now for the DOJ? Or law enforcement? Is this what they do to everyone now? Or just those that question their tyranny?


Melissa’s appeal is pending. And she is now desperately in the hunt for a JOB and a place to LIVE and work clothes and shoes.

I have already WON with my 6 Dispository Motions that remain UNCONTESTED and UNOPPOSED, meaning all of this will be DISPOSED OF shortly and I will be freed. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop in the messed up, backlogged 9th Circuit court who are 3 judges short right now.

Apparently all the letters I have written to Kelly Ann Conway, Melania and Ivanka Trump, Jared Kurshner and the President himself, who I met on the campaign trail, all had some effect. Someone from UPSTAIRS finally said, “OKAY! That’s enough! Lay off this guy!” Which I believe led to that FedGovScum giving up and leaving the field of battle.

So thank you all for your help and support…every little bit helps! “When were you in prison Lord? When were you naked and we did not clothe you?” and the Lord said, “If you have not done this for the least of my flock, you have not done it for ME!”

So, get yourself a nice warm, cozy, comfy and warm place amongst the lambs on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the LORD thy God on Judgment Day and help her and give whatever you can!


Dr. Sean David Morton
PO Box 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734