Well, turns out it was NOT over for Hillary when she lost New Hampshire. But how did Hilary LOSE and STILL get MORE delegates that Bernie? I guess that is what you call SOCIALISM: FROM EACH A ACCORDING TO HIS ABILTY, TO EACH ACCORDING THEIR NEEDS!

In effect there are only three candidates now, since Rubio and Cruz are disqualified by the US constitution,Hillary the serial killer and angel of death for Libya and Syria with no real experience as a politician, only as a political-dynasty figure, who SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED WITHIN TEN MILES OF “THE BUTTON.” Sanders, who showed up late to his own announcement to run, didn’t bother to brush his hair or straighten out his collar, rushed through it and left early without taking any questions. And TRUMP. Trump, who has promised to destroy the wee bit of coherency left in America’s Israel policy by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But then again, the US has ALWAYS been on Israel’s side and against the Palestinians since at least 1948, so in a sense Trump is only promising to end the masquerade of US neutrality, which no one has believed for over 20 years now anyway. Then there are the shadow candidates, Kerry and Biden. Biden, the guy who should have ben casted in Good Fellas and who imitated art by installing his son as head of Chevron Ukraine.

And Kerry, who “revealed” BCCI while in Congress only to the extent it didn’t disturb his US masters, who couldn’t manage to speak up for the right to free speech during the infamous “Don’t taze me, bro!” incident and whose tenure as secretary of state was only rivaled in terms of disaster by Hillary herself in that post. So in effect there are no candidates of a “presidential” bearing in the traditional way that adjective has been used.

This is worse than Reagan vs. Mondale/Ferraro, or Bush vs. Dukakis. This is McGovern vs. Ross Perot with Geraldo Rivero and Phil Donahue as vice presidents, take your pick who goes with whom. This is the Ford/Rockefeller ticket vs. Spiro Agnew/F. Lee Bailey, but not quite that good. It’s bedtime for America. What HAS to happen is another darky horse oops dark horse has to ride up, whether it’s Alex Jones with George Noory as vice or whatever, but the status quo thus far won’t hold, there is no presumptive front-runner on either side of the aisle, and no one even qualified.

Trump would win in a fair fight, but is that really a good thing? And we know Ron Paul was cheated the last two elections, he should have won both times, but the fix, as they say, is in. Queue The Fixx – Saved by Zero, Glenn Frey – The Heat is On and Miami Vice theme song. End of rant. End of fake veneer of American democracy. End of America.