preparing to rant…
Caution: rant ahead
Beginning RANT!
Since we KNOW the FBI is a terrorist organization there is no reason to expect them to bring charges against Hillary Clinton over what are obviously violations of federal espionage law. Every terrorist act since 911, which we know wasn’t in fact a terrorist act, but an act by government insiders, has been crafted, carried out and busted by the FBI. Including in Canada, where two Muslims were recently arrested for having walked along railroad tracks with a known FBI agent.

Since 911 is fake, there is no justification for the Dept of Homeland Security either. And since the CIA was either behind 911 or played along, they’ve ruined their justification for funding by the American taxpayer as well. And the NSA did nothing, heard no evil, saw no evil, so they ought to be completely abolished as well as a fraudulent and incompetent agency. In fact, both parties, Democratic and Republican, are flagrantly committing election fraud, in full view of the public and media, and should BOTH be BANNED from the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Democratic Party is running a fraudulent caucus/primary spectacle with full knowledge the super-delegates have already been confirmed to be voting for Hillary, so Sanders is out (except in Kentucky thanks to name recognition from decades of KFC commercials). Hillary’s people also allowed people to vote in Iowa and Nevada without checking their identities, so most likely Hillarists voted many times over in different districts, ipso facto constituting ELECTION FRAUD.

The GOP is trying to foist TWO INELIGBLE CANDIDATES on America, Cruz and Rubio, neither of whom are natural born US citizens. They can be neither president nor vice president. The people at the top in the RNC know full well the restrictions the US constitution places on presidents, so they are engaged in ELECTION FRAUD pure and simple. Both parties need to be BARRED from the 2016 election in every state and territory, and the Dept of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and NSA need to be completely abolished as ineffective and highly expensive experiments in fraud and domestic terrorism.
end of first rant