When Hillary sold the US nuclear launch codes to Israel back in the early 1990s, all the codes were set to 00000000, and as if in deference to God’s love for the holy fool and idiot savant, the Clintons got away with that and selling intel to Red China then.

Hillary as first lady felt she was a queen or empress and even told White House staff to avert their eyes as she passed. Madonna did this once or twice on a movie set but grew out of it. Hillary never has. She thinks she is a god and the throne of US president is somehow owed her. Just as George Sr became Reagan’s VP because he was somehow “owed” the presidency (for JFK, while Hillary is owed it because of Watergate, which was Bush Sr.’s coup against Nixon, and for running coke for Bush Sr. and doing minor stuff for the NSA at the Rose Law firm in Little Rock). Remember why Hillary ran for US senator from New York state? To become president. Remember why Obama gave her the secretary of state post? Because they cut a deal to “let” Barak be president for a time before Hillary’s aeon of reign.

What has Hillary ever done in politics? Nothing but destructive acts, from “portable HMOs” aka Hillary care, to JFK Jr.’s flight cut short, to assassinating Khadaffi and laughing about it, to commanding Al Qaeda in Libya, to initiating ISIS in Syria by stealing guns from her former Al Qaeda troops in Libya. Obama was right to say, I think Michelle would make a good president. Both women have the same amount of political acumen. Michelle has a nicer bedside manner, even.

Remember why Hillary resigned as secretary of state under Obama? She thought she could avoid testifying to Congress by resigning, and the idiot Congress in session went along with that idea, as if they don’t have the power to subpeona FORMER officials for high crimes and misdemeanors. Remember when she hit her head and got a concussion? Again, because Congress almost came to their senses and almost subpeonaed her again about Benghazi, where rival Al Qaeda factions including a graduate from the Guantanamo state terrorist training and torture facility decided they would just go and take their guns back from the CIA warehouse.

There was no embassy in Benghazi, ever. There was no ambassador in Benghazi. These are cover stories. She fucked over her Al Qaeda forces, reamed them up their asses and stole their guns to send to Syria. Of course she told the US military, Africacom in Italy, to stand down. Of course she concocted the idea there was a film (there wasn’t) called Innocence of Muslims whose youtube trailer inflamed the Islamic world to riot. There was no such film, there was a clip from another film with hastily over-dubbed voices talking about Muslims and how screwed they are.

Hillary thinks she is owed the presidency for keeping silent about her own crimes at this point, a very interesting quid pro quo formula. Since Anonymous got the dope on Stevens and the CIA gun-running op in Beghazi (wikileaks printed their pussy “redacted” version and claimed credit) from Stratfor, and since Hillary’s server was open to the internet, unencrypted and loaded down with classified documents for no workplace reason whatsoever, classified documents clearly connected with donations from foreign entities and powers to the Clinton Foundation slush fund (and Chelsea seems to have inherited the same sort of mechanations from her crime family) but which had no other reason for being on a private server (located in her bathroom we were told) and were too abundant and broad to have been part of the daily work of the secretary of state, the logical conclusion is Hillary was peddling US intel to foreign powers again by accepting donations to the family slush fund and “just leaving” the docs for sale on an accessible part of her unencrypted, insecure, open server.
end of rant