In my JFK JR. POST I misspoke…

It was Lauren Bissette, the SISTER IN LAW of JFK Jr. that was also in the plane, NOT his sister Caroline who later went on to be the US Ambassador of….JAPAN, I think? We don’t get the Internet here. so all from memory.

Also, the BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE over the Middle East bodes particularly ill for Israel once again, as there are THREE biblical generations: 30 years, 40 years and 70 years.

If anyone remembers my old Bible pal Hal Lindsey, author of THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH, who I used to sit next to in Bible class in Houston, there was ALL this doom and gloom prophecy about 1988 being the BEGINNING OF THE END, and May 10th 1988 would have been 40 years since “THE JEWS RETURNED TO ZION!” Well, I am curious why they are not making MORE of a fuss over 2018 and the 70 year cycle.

Will the DOME OF THE ROCK BE DESTROYED? WILL the Jews begin construction of the 3rd temple of Solomon which is the trigger for SOOO many end time prophecies? Will there be a German and Russian invasion of Israel ala Ezekiel 38 and 39?

I will give you more dates and prophecies in the next few weeks…

ALSO July 27 was the BLOOD MOON over CAIRO, AND the start of the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER, and the MOON ALIGNS with rising of SIRIUS the DOG STAR which will now be above the horizon for the next 2 months or so….

So ALL ALIGNING and VERY INTERESTING as we are all FINALLY seeing the ROBOTS REBELLION and all these PROGRAMMED little people NO LONGER BELIEVE the ENEMY NEWS MEDIA as now 77% of Americans think of CNN and MSNBC and CBS and NBC and ABC as “FAKE NEWS!” Now they have pulled ALEX JONES off YOUTUBE….so obviously these fascists DO NOT BELIEVE in open debate, or new ideas…and put people like ME in PRISON!

Infinite Blessings…

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