It is one of the WORST MONSOONS in ARIZONA HISTORY as we are being BLASTED by massive storms and truly SPECTACULAR LIGHTENING STORMS the likes of which you would see on VENUS, not EARTH!

I was out back at my metal picnic table that has a metal awning over it watching THOR put on a show as the lightening raced across the sky, and the sound of his hammer Mjoliner striking the anvil of the dwarves as the THUNDER ROLLED down from the mountains.

Then the rain blasted sideways under the awning, and I raced for the door to get in out of the rain. We this old man, we call him Negative Tom, cuz he NEVER has anything positive to say, decided it would be FUNNY to hold the door from the other side so I would get drenched by the storm. As I pulled on the door and finally wrenched it out his hands, a blast of wind from the microburst storm that was RIGHT ON TOP OF US, grabbed the door and threw it open.

We stood there for a moment as the rain screamed into the hallway. I grabbed the door to close it, just as ANOTHER BLAST grabbed the door, and with another bolt of lightening, threw me aside and SLAMMED THE DOOR CLOSED, SHATTERING THE WINDOW in the upper half of the door.

GLASS SHARDS rained down on head and shoulders and the glass exploded down the hallway. The glass cut my hands and was all through my hair. I just stared at Tom totally non-plussed and said, “Was THAT funny? REALLY?”

The same storm also tore the ROOFS of the four guard towers that ring the corners of the maximum prison next store! The even more ironic part is NO ONE IS EVER IN THEM! The towers are literally there JUST FOR SHOW as they ran out of funds and people to even MAN them a long time ago.

So a trip to the doctor, some bandages and shaking the glass out of my hair and I am better….

However, all over MSNBC and other news outlets, TRUMP was speaking at a RALLY, where everyone of holding up Q-ANON SIGNS! And the MEDIA FREAKED over this “RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY OF Q-ANON! WHO IS IT? WHAT DOES HE WANT?” And they interviewed all these people that are connected and in tune with the “QANON INFORMATION CONSPIRACY!”

They they show a PHOTO OP of TRUMP saying, “THE STORM IS COMING! THE STORM IS COMING!” and they media kept asking “WHAT STORM MR. PRESIDENT?” And Trump said, “You just wait and see!”

And of course what he is talking about are the THOUSANDS of arrest warrants being prepared to END THE SATANIC PEDOPHILE DEEP STATE once and for all! Once the elections are done and the Republicans INCREASE their majority in the HOUSE AND SENATE, then KAVANAUGH is installed on the SCOTUS, and BADER GINSBERG is eliminated and SHE is replaced, then those WARRANTS will finally be executed.

The MEDIA won’t tell you that over 4,000 people have been rounded up in SEX SLAVE and PEDO rings in Southern California ALONE, and that the DEEP STATE is on the RUN and the END GAME is about to played!


Dr. Sean-David: Morton