So we are living through on for the RECORD BOOKS HERE!

The SUPERMOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius was closer to the Earth than it will ever be again.

Earth is currently FARTHER away from the SUN than it will be for another 250 years or so.

MARS in AQUARIUS RETROGRADE is CLOSER to the Earth than it has been for 15 years…and whenever MARS swings by that close there is ALWAYS WAR…and the beginnings of a MAJOR REVOLUTION with the Aquarius aspect….

And the BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE was also the LONGEST it has been for over 100 years, and since ECLIPSES are NEVER GOOD, it passing over CAIRO (City of MARS) and the SPHINX (King of TERROR in Arabic) and JERUSALEM (NEW SALEM) bodes well for NO ONE in the Middle East. More revolution and rioting and unrest…what else is new…BUT NOW we might actually SEE the deposing of Bennie NetanYAHOO… big TIME CRIMINAL, which might finally put the Mid East on a path to PEACE!!!

But ALSO MERCURY went RETROGRADE until it moves forward again AUGUST 19th…which will mark ONE YEAR of our horrible incarceration. But believe when I say…they will ALL PAY handsomely for what has been done to us. And as I go through the APPEAL, I cannot even believe the depth and width of the sheer conspiracy that was aligned against us. I never thought I was THAT important, until these people decided to COME AND GET ME! Can’t talk about any of it, but it will all be FINE!

Meanwhile HERE, last night we had this STUNNING LIGHTENING STORM! 250 STRIKES in under an hour, and I don’t know how they COUNT but it was some new record. I stood in the rain and HOWLED at GOD AND THE HEAVENS to COME AND GET ME! Hoping to be struck by a random bolt to end all this, OR give me SUPER POWERS, go to HEAVEN and see prophecy boxes and predict the future… like my friend Dannion Brinkley (someone tell him I say HI and that I miss him!) or get the X-MAN mutant ability to just shake on the ground uncontrollably and crap my pants!!!

You know what they say about how they name diapers?…when you are a cute adorable BABY and you poop your pants people will HUGGIE YOU, PAMPER YOU and LUV you…but if you are an OLD MAN and crap yourself…then it DEPENDS of WHO is in the WILL!
So NOW begins a REALLY WILD RIDE in the 100 days leading up to the MID TERM ELECTION….The slogan should be “VOTE REPUBLICAN…CUZ SOMEBODY HAS TO SAVE AMERICA!”

With MERC. MARS SATURN NEPTUNE and PLUTO ALL RETROGRADE a MASS AWAKENING and REVOLUTION spiritually and physically is upon us ALL! It is time to BREAK FREE and COLLAPSE this horrible and oppressive system once and for all…and it looks like the people that will LEAD THE WAY are all poised to do just that.

JORDAN is set to be speaker of the house, KAVANAUGH as I predicted will be confirmed, Not ONLY does TRUMP have the opportunity to totally REPLACE 160 FEDERAL JUDGES with CONSTITUTIONALIST…but more importantly he now has the POWER to appoint 6 members of the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD, which he swore to AUDIT and ABOLISH w RAND PAUL’S HELP!

So she’ll be comin round the mountain when she comes…and it is all just around the corner!!!

Infinite Blessings!!!

sean-david: morton