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NOVEMBER, 1988–With a recommendation from Dr. Edward Teller, physicist Robert Lazar gets a bizarre interview with E.E.&G.

My friend DANNY CASSALERO tells me about AREA 51, and he is investigating the INSLAW scandal and the theft of a super computer program called PROMIS, for a local Redondo Beach newspaper called the COMPUTER TIMES. Danny is lured to a motel room in Michigan and brutally murdered.

DECEMBER, 1988–LAZAR, through the EE&G contractor, is hired to work at AREA 51 by ONI–the OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. More specifically to work over the hill from the Groom Lake facility at a relatively new place by the Papoose Dry Lake Bed designated S-4. Between Dec. 88 and May ’89, Lazar is paid by ONI but actually only works on the base for about 16 days total. In this period he maintains a friendship with John Lear, and keeps him appraised of what is happening at S-4, and even takes Lear out several times to the Tikaboo Valley on Wednesday nights to see the saucers fly. Lear is caught by private Wackenhut security once, but Lazar escapes.

May 1989–Lazar, after being beaten up and having a gun put in his mouth, goes to John Lear’s home while Bill Cooper and TV reporter George Knapp are there. In a fit of rage, Lazar does a “Blacked out” interview, but his voice is not disguised. The next day he is threatened with death, and decides he must come all the way out to save his life. The story remained only a local curiosity, and everyone in Las Vegas knew about the Little Green Men at AREA 51…but that is where it stopped.

December 1989– I was working with a film crew on a documentary series called UFO CONTACTEES. Using revolutionary sonic techniques and a CRAY SUPERCOMPUTER for analysis, our team ULTRA SOUNDED the DULCE ARCHELETA MESA in DULCE, NM, and proved there was an underground base there, powered by a nuclear pile at its heart, with connecting jet tubes as part of a nation-wide hyper advanced underground train system.

JANUARY, 1990—Our DOC TEAM interviews Bob Lazar. He makes many statements about his direct contact with Aliens at S-4, mind control experiments done on him BY the aliens, that he would in later years retract. Lazar tells me, “Don’t believe a word I say, go out to Highway 375 by Steve Medlin’s black mailbox at the 18 mile marker, on Wednesday nights at dusk or right before dawn, and you will see the saucers for yourself.”

FEBRUARY 25, 1991….Over a year passed and our UFO CONTACTEE Doc team travelled all over the world for 4 months collecting over 600 hours of interview footage with every known UFO Contactee, scientist or researcher we could find. Billy Meier in Switzerland, Fortunato Zenfritta in Italy, Dr. Antonio Ribera in Spain. Finally, I take my friend Jeff, an LA TIMES reporter named Shannon Sands and her photographer from Las Vegas, on a stormy night out to the Tickaboo Valley, NV. Since Christmas Anthony Hilder, Gary Schultz and Norio Hiakawa and been coming out on Wednesdays and seeing the ships. After being told by the local sheriff to “TURN AROUND”, Shannon sped down the road ahead of us. A 30 foot saucer came down on its edge, then flattened out, blocking the road in front of us, and we crashed the Honda into a ditch. We gave chase on foot, and the ship started glowing like the sun making the sound of a Tibetan bell! The glow stopped with a SWOOOSSHHUUUMMP! And sped away. Our faces were burned and we got deathly sick later on.

FEBRUARY 26, 1991…Our expedition to AREA 51 appeared on the front page of the LA TIMES, making it now national news. Though ALL of us saw the ships dancing around the valley from a distance, Shannon was legally blind in one eye and night blind in the other! So the story was about people “THINKING” they were seeing UFOs…and NOT the actual sightings. In fact I BEGGED various national media to come out and see for themselves, and was flatly turned down until all the ships were moved to AREA 6413, near the Dugway Proving Grounds, in Utah in 1993.

MAY 31, 1991…my gal Junis Olmscheid and I were on Camp Fire Hill when we were buzzed and photographed by what looked like a Blackhawk helicopter. While Junis slept, I hiked for 2 hours up Whitesides Mountain, to what became known as MORTON’S PEAK. From THERE, I could clearly see the entire panoramic AREA 51 base sprawled out before me. BUT..while I was up there, in the distance, I could see the Wackenhut CAMMO dudes of base security were ransacking our car while my girlfriend slept. I returned to find they’d stolen my wallet with my Nevada Driver’s license. We were also surrounded by not less than 10 Security trucks. They wanted us out of there…BADLY…

I had to return to the Vegas DMV to get another license and then all the power went out in Vegas from a massive storm that was epi-centered at AREA 51, as I checked the SAT photos in the papers the next day. What was LANDING or going on? We never knew!

June 4, 1991—With my friend Fred Ailes and all his video equipment, we spent the night on Morton’s Peak and filmed the base. The most famous footage turned out to be nothing more than the JANET AIRLINE flight moving mysteriously through the morning fog at 4.50 AM bringing in base personnel. But this footage has been seen all over the world on every show about this topic. And Fred and I were really the only ones who had actually seen the base for ourselves, and we agreed to keep it a secret, so I could further interview people that claimed they had been or worked there.

Summer of 1991…it was at this time that I used the payphone in front of the Lil’Ale’Inn to call the only person on the radio that late at night, and the only man that would actually take my calls….Art Bell. These calls, and my yelling at Art to go outside as there was a ship heading right for him in Pahrump, that started the phenomenon known as COAST TO COAST AM, with 24.6 million listeners…before George Noory took it over and destroyed the program. Art said, “Sean, I want to know everything and everyone you know!” So I gave him my Rolodex and all the people we had interviewed for the documentary, and continued to give him recommendations for guest for years to come. I became the #1 guest on his show with what became a massive global audience.

SUMMER 1991…A woman I went to high school with saw me on TV, worked at the Cotton Tail Bunny Ranch (I think that’s what it’s called) and they knew EVERYTHING about the base, the ships, the sightings, and all the comings and goings from Area 51 due to their…”social interactions” with base personnel, and truckers that would CB in when they saw something weird…always on Wednesdays.

August, 1991…A DNA-Engineered super-soldier with a stripper in tow who called himself GHOSTWALKER shows up on my doorstep. 6’4, fantastically muscled, huge scar across his face, with GOLD EYES and capable of incredible feats of physical prowess. He claimed he was an assassin with over 60 kills, who, in his down time, was stationed at AREA 51. He described the base and all the details, and since I was the only one who had SEEN IT, I could verify his story. He was the Black Ops “one bullet retirement program” for people that knew too much…and after carrying out a mission which resulted in the death of an operatives entire family, he’d had enough. Now he was on the run from DELTA FORCE with a 500 page document that would “blow everything up!”Called contacts at GERALDO and arranged a meeting in Vegas. Ghostwalker gave me a key to a bus locker, we arranged meeting w a Security team in front of the Flamingo Hotel. Went to the station, the entire ROW of lockers had vanished. Never saw Ghostwalker again. Was told he made peace w Delta, and was now infiltrating SOVEREIGN CITIZEN MOVEMENT to get them to “blow something up”. Sometime later, Oklahoma City.

December 6, 1991…For his birthday I take John Lear to Morton’s Peek. Says, “Damn! Why aren’t you DEAD?” John tells everyone and the stampede begins.

Working for Geraldo Rivera’s show NOW IT CAN BE TOLD I take Craig Rivers, Geraldo’s brother to Morton’s Peek. They do a fantastic piece on it.

Spring 1992…Linda Moulton Howe contacts me. She’d sold SIGHTINGS to Paramount and wants an AREA 51 segment. I produce it, put Lazar, George Knapp, John Lear and Bill Cooper out in front. The UFOs come out and dance around the sky, and the crew refuses to film them, having been given “ORDERS”. The 2 hour SIGHTINGS pilot becomes THE highest rated show ever on the young FOX network. Due to arguments w FOX, SIGHTINGS is canceled after 13 episodes, but leads to THE X-FILES. X-FILES Pilot is about kids who find a hilltop that looks down on Area 51, and UFO pilots with wiped minds.

1992…SO many people want to go see the ships, that I start organizing tours and rent a van and everyone pitches in. But I take CONAN O’BRIEN and all the writers on THE SIMPSONS, Actress/Director Betty Thomas and Dean Devlin who comes up with the idea for INDEPENDENCE DAY while standing on MORTON’S PEEK.

I beg the media to come out and see what is going on. Nothing doing. Get smeared on the MONTELL WILLIAMS Show, and stood up by Montell six times after he promised to come out on an expedition with me. He finally came out in 1993, AFTER everything had been moved to UTAH and I refused to take him to see “a barn with all the cows gone!”

August 1992….An object travelling at MACH 25 was flying over Southern California creating what USGS/CAL TECH called 3.2 SKY QUAKES on the ground and landing at Area 51. This was on Channel 7 news. My friend JOHN HADLEY, an avid and dedicated phenom hunter and I witness a gigantic craft, wedge shaped with a blunt shovel nose that is 1600 feet long, fly right over our heads with a fleet of chase craft then turn and land at the base. It was the only time the WACKENHUT CAMMO DUDES chased us. We made it back to the Lil’Ale’Inn just in time.

A year later, John Hadley had just inherited $250k from his dad’s death. He’d bought all new equipment and called me over and over and we talked about “really getting down to the truth!” He just got finished washing his brand new JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE, at at 1.45pm went into his apartment and blew his brains out with a .45. Death was ruled a SUICIDE.

I ask some high level people about this, and am told, “Since you do all this weirdo psychic stuff…it makes you easy to discredit. And the General thinks you are ‘Too funny to kill!’ ” I was also told, “And…they are going to get you for what you have done. Just a matter of time…and they are very patient! You can’t just F**K with a billion dollar base and not expect consequences!” AND…here I am.

In 1993 we’d slept out in the dirt for months without a single sighting. Were told by “THE GIRLS” at the Bunny Ranch that everything had been moved to AREA 6413 near the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. The S-4 Papoose Facility was also shut down. Whatever purpose the testing of the saucers served had been fulfilled and the program was ended. THE CIA controlled POPULAR SCIENCE magazine continued to mock us, saying it is all just advanced aircraft and stealth stuff, and we sent them PICTURES of the SAUCERS, CLOSE UP…and they refused to print them.

AUGUST 2019….An Online website has 2 MILLION people sign-up, includind SNOOKIE, all claiming they want to show up at the TICKABOO VALLEY and “storm the gates” at AREA 51…or at least jump the single strand of chain connected by some posts. If promoters had been smart on the 50 anniversary of Woodstock they could have done ALIENSTOCK out in that vast beautiful valley with BLINK 182 with all the other bands that have been influenced by this field of study….

So the legend lives on and hundreds of people have made careers off this, and popular TV shows…and this season’s premier of ANCIENT ALIENS was all about AREA 51 and BOB LAZAR and research I had done 30 years ago….

AND I here I sit in federal prison, being told by a lawyer that he could get me out of here…for $5000.



Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD