So there is some WONDERFUL GOOD news in all the DOOM and GLOOM!

After my last screed finally exposing Robert “THE BOOB” Thomson, Melissa’s older brother, who has never made anything of his theiving miserable life, other than stealing from his family and inheriting daddy’s business, there were some revelations. [Actually, THE BOOB is an unfair moniker. He’s more like a subterranean bridge Balrog or a Shrek Ogre from the square cube planet of the Bizzaro World.] Seriously, he is the ugliest man, both inside and out, that I’ve ever met! And he looks more like a Mr. Potatohead that did too much time in a demented little girl’s Suzie Homemaker EASY-BAKE OVEN!

So I guess I made Booby MAD! : ( ahhh! AND we discovered that APPARENTLY he and his minions and accomplices have gone to all the trouble of maintaining a FALSE/FAKE/MIRROR FaceBook page UNDER MY NAME! Just to post smear and libel! (So GREAT TO BE THAT LOVED!) Man! Talk about being inside someone’s HEAD and running their WORLD! MMWWAAAHAHA! Did I mention this loser is a Mormon Bishop? Whose Ward must be somewhere near the 9th Level…of HELL!! This slimeball is so grotesque and sad it’s funny!

So, Melissa drove her broken down 2006 Ford Escape over 2000 miles up and back to Salt Lake City for her father’s funeral. After we’d been helping to support her disabled sister and nieces for years, the family offered her no money and no help. When she offered to move up there to help her grieving 84 year old mother, the Ballrog OGRE, with his usual brilliant intellect, threatened to call the POLICE…on MELISSA…for helping….her MOM! [yeah…I know!]

So the Ford broke down from the trip. $1400 for a new AC Compressor that the truck won’t run without. It cost Melissa every dime she had and then some, borrowing herself into a hole.

It was all of YOU that helped her! ALL YOU ANGELS that made it possible for her to get the truck out of hock, and start something like four jobs in the next few weeks!

With her bubbly personality and million dollar smile, she landed the PREMO POSITION of being the Ambassador Hostess/Concierge for the newly remodeled Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum LUXURY VIP SUITES for the USC TROJANS and the LOS ANGELES RAMS!! USC has spent $350 MILLION on these spectacular upgrades, with new seats and Wi-Fi thru the entire stadium and a brand new field and track! Which our mascot horse, TRAVELLER, does NOT LIKE…AT ALL..BUT It’s WONDERFUL for everyone else!!

So this last Saturday, the Trojans had their first scrimmage and a version of SALUTE TO TROY! And Melissa hob knobbed with the new Madame President of the University, Fletcher Jones himself, of Fletcher Jones Mercedes, who spent $20 million for his own suite, Lynn Swann our Athletic Director, Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg and so many billionaires and movie stars.

And in the coming weeks it just gets better! She’s assigned to the private suite of CRONKE himself, the owner of the Rams and builder of the new billion dollar stadium for the Rams and Chargers over in Inglewood.

MONDAY she started training to do the same thing for the KINGS at the Staple Center, and will be working for Steve Balmer and the CLIPPERS as well. THEN she starts as a SoCal Ambassador for ROYAL CANIN PET FOOD, the only thing we fed our Championship Norwegian Forrest Cats!! And she has the whole LA/VALLEY Territory.

She’s also been chosen to write a BOOK for AMAZON on “HOW TO SHOW YOUR CATS!”

Initially she was turned DOWN for the KINGS job because she had a felony (still under appeal to SCOTUS). She went in and spoke to the president of the organization, explained everything that had happened to us, and he said, “Wow, that’s nothing. What a bunch of crap! I thought it was drugs or something…YOU GOT THE JOB!” Proud of her for FINALLY standing up for herself and sticking to her GUNS!

All this for a lady that is obsessed with and simply LOVES SPORTS! A DREAM COME TRUE! And I told her she needs to start a BLOG: TrojanRamKingsINSIDER.com.

She is still sleeping on a friend’s floor, trying to find a place to live, and is desperately saving up enough for first and last on any kind of living situation. No help from her family…again! Anything all of you do to help her, would bring blessings and appreciation, at her PayPal address:


But the biggest point here is that 3 months ago…she was rotting in a Federal Prison, then a Half-Way House in WATTS on the corner of Cripp St. and Bloods Blvd. And thanks to all of YOU, and YOUR love and kindness and generosity, she is rubbing elbows with the Hoy Polloi and she is back where she belongs!!

More about ME and predictions and politics and everything your hearts desire next time!!


Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD.