“The brighter the Angels shine, the louder the demons scream!” ~SDM~

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile. You would think that after my stunningly accurate predictions that I would get some credit. After predicting the devastating fires in Northern California then So Cal where over 350,000 people were evacuated, the tornados in the Mid-West and the shuddering earthquake that shook all of South America, “THE BLUE WHITE FIST THAT WILL HIT THE WORLD IN MAY”, and last, but not least, the massive earthquakes in Southern California, the biggest in 20 years I predicted for late JUNE [July 4th! Missed it by THAT much, 99!] you would think someone would speak up and say, “Hey, maybe this guy knows what he’s talking about!”

Instead, yet again, the smear pigs crawl from their mire of psychotic filth to grunt and squeal their demonic missives. And frankly, I’m tired of just taking it. A dog with no teeth gets kicked all day! All of you need to know who these creatures are and just how bad human beings can be.

Starting with Robert Thomson, Jr. and Thomas Gillespie.

This would be the the casaba-headed, bulbous plague-potato nosed eldest brother of my wife Melissa. More affectionately known to his family as “The BOOB!” With his droopy hang dog Basset hound faced former attorney wife Sue, they make the perfect couple of “Rob and Sue”…like a really bad 3 Stooges law-firm. For years he has been just one of the smear-pigs aligned against me, and I need to tell you WHO and WHAT he is.

The BOOB started his life of crime years ago, when he was caught embezzling from his father’s business. Having no charm and no actual other talents, his dad was the only person that would ever hire him. So, STEALING from his OWN FAMILY. And it was only when he was CAUGHT, facing charges and prison, that he recanted and tried to pay back the money he had stolen. With the death of this father he has now inherited his father’s business, which he has driven into the ground, spending the money on Corvettes and other “necessary” business expenses.

But his real joy after that was terrorizing his parents, mostly by finding any scrap of excrement from the internet that he could scrape off his shoes about me or his sister Melissa and forwarding it to his parents. They begged him to STOP and he wouldn’t, so the parents CANCELED their INTERNET to get away from his virtual daily libel and slander.

When I predicted that Melissa’s father would die, I told Melissa with the hope, that no matter how terrible he had treated her, that she should call and make amends and give him some dying grace! THE BOOB literally said that I had put a CURSE on him, and taken on some thought form shape and pushed him down the stairs. Can’t make this stuff up! Salt Lake City is a wild and savage place where the natives believe anything, I guess.

Now, with the death of the father, Melissa had offered to move up to Utah to help her grieving 84 year old mother. Keep her company, help her with chores and the upkeep of the 5 bedroom family home. This would have also helped Melissa get back on her feet again and find a job in the Salt Lake Area.

THE BOOB, this blubberous loosely held together pusillanimous piled of putrid parrot droppings, threatened to “CALL THE POLICE” should Melissa move in to help her mom. I have no idea why he could CALL the police or WHAT the cops would do once they got there…but it seemed to make some kind of sense to his diseased mind. AND of course, he continues to feed his mother a string of lies and crap about both Melissa and I while we fight the forces of darkness….Robert Thomson is quite simple an utter DISGRACE to his Mormon faith and a plight on Christianity in general. SHAME ON HIM! SHAAAAAME!! [Ring a bell to that!]

But it’s NOT just Melissa’s family. Somehow, from out of the bog, my half-uncle Lt. Col. Thomas Cornelius Gillespie, USMC, has risen his dark hoary head. He is 8 months older than I and is my half-uncle as the result of my maternal grandmother’s fifth marriage. His sister Dr. Eileen Gillespie, DVM,[a wonderful woman] hates his guts. His two kids hate his guts, and I’m not sure if this miserable wretch is even still married to his Scottish haggis of a wife Jackie.

Gillespie grew up in a ghetto in Belmont, Ca. He had a chance to actually make something of his life with a full ride philosophy scholarship to Harvard, but, instead, this hard core fundamentalist Opus Di Jesuit Catholic devoted his life to the mass murder of others by joining the Marine Corp and becoming part of Navel Intelligence…who, by the way, run Area 51.

I grew up in Southern California, in Rolling Hills. My parents were divorced when I was 8 in 1967. We didn’t move up to Northern Cal till about 2 years later. So I didn’t even MEET this guy until I was about 12 or so. My family pulled he and his sister out of poverty to come to Thanksgiving and Christmas and spend the summers at our condo-complex in Lake Tahoe, which my Step-Dad had built in 1966. I know we paid for his summer vacations, his private Catholic school and vacations and trips to Europe.

After I went to USC I never really saw him again, as my mother despised his hard core Catholic beliefs, until he suddenly appeared at our house as my mother was dying of cancer. It is my personal belief, which I intend to prove, that the Executors of my mother’s estate had drugged her and tricked into signing a new version of her will, only weeks before she died, that cut everyone in the family out. I firmly believe that Gillespie was called in to spy on us for the Executors, and make sure my mother didn’t catch on and change the will back before she died. And my mother DID NOT DIE OF NATURAL CAUSES! SOMEONE dumped an entire bottle of MORPHINE into her, causing her premature death.

So NOW…Gillespie is one of the slime bog smear-pigs that is claiming I am somehow LYING about knowing astronauts and movie stars when I was a kid, because HE didn’t see or meet any of them when we knew each other! Cuz he never came to So Cal when i was growing up there!

This is beyond absurd. It just shows you how far these scum will go to spread their lies and deceit. My dad, the late Captain Gerry Morton,JR. was the VP of Customer Communications for TRW which built most of the hardware for the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo programs. He belonged to the VIKINGS, the SCANDIA CLUB and CLUB 33 at Disneyland. He founded a club for aerospace engineers and astronauts called GERRY MORTON’S INTERNATIONAL TURTLE CLUB, the president of which was Wally Schirra. My mom’s best friend married Gordon Cooper. My little brother’s Godfather is Gene Cernan of Apollo 17, the last man on the moon. My godfathers are Sen. Harrison “Jack” Schmidt [Apollo 17] and David Scott [Apollo 14]. My dad graduated from the first film class at UCLA, and we thru dozens of charity events that movie stars participated in. In fact, my mom was engaged to LAUGH-IN’s Dick Martin before she met my dad, and my mother and grandmother were close friends with Irene Ryan and Donna Douglas from the Beverly Hillbillies. Mom used to drop us off at Robert Stack and Cornell Wilde’s houses for play dates with their kids….I mean, I had a really GREAT childhood!! Years later, when I went to USC, and moved back to So Cal, I would see many of the NASA crew and went sailing regularly with Walter Cronkite and other celebs my dad knew.

But, YEAH…when we moved out of SO CAL to Northern California we didn’t hang out with astronauts and movie stars any more…SORRY TOM! But instead more luminous personalities like Ayn Rand, Taylor Caldwell, and Eldridge Cleaver and Max Rafferty and Ronald Reagan…

So…people are strange, and some will go to the greatest of lengths to lie about those trying to make the world a better place.

BUT…the brighter an ANGEL shines…the louder the DEMONS SCREAM!

Remember that always…

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD.