As I was doing the tours out to the Tickaboo Valley in the early 90s, watching the saucers fly on Wednesday nights became almost ho-hum and commonplace. The “VETS” of the tours really had a good laugh when the Newbies would just hyperventilate and flip-out when the ships started breaking all the laws of physics and dancing across the sky. It was fun to watch people’s dreams of seeing this phenomena literally come true before their eyes. It changed them, and I wanted to share this with everyone and thereby change the world.

In 2001, just before the gigantic 9-11 magic trick, I took Melissa out for her first tour, not really expecting to see anything. We hooked up with some Canadian gals at the Lil’Ale’Inn who recognized me (guess I’m a BIG STAR…in CANADA) and wanted a photo with me next to my picture on the wall of the bar. AND they wanted to come out and camp with us, so off we went.

Out on Camp Fire Hill we were caught in the in the cyclonic eye of a war game, called a RED FLAG operation, and right before it started there was a weird high pitched thrumming sound, and ALL of our electronic equipment went dead. Cameras, video recorders….and right after that we were treated to a show the likes of which I had never seen. Jets ripping up and down the valley, AND HELICOPTERS flying in a triangular formation but with SAUCERS glowing in the CENTER of the phalanx, then zipping around to different spots in the valley, and then returning to the heart of the triangle! It was amazing! AND it told me that, far from the single ships flying haphazardly up and down the desert for our amusement like the old days, that now, these craft had been integrated into full military operations.

Over the yeas after producing shows like MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND THE OTHER DOMINION, the first original show on the brand new SCI-FI CHANNEL, STRANGE UNIVERSE for UPN, HARD COPY, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, consulting on THE ALIEN INTERVIEW and uncovering THE ALIEN AUTOPSY…and being behind ALL of it…my goal was singular: Show people that AREA 51 was THE FUTURE! That it was TOMORROWLAND, but all its wonders being kept from Humanity.

Over and over again I reiterated that it didn’t matter if aliens were over that hill on that base or not. That whole tall tale could be a cover for something much deeper. That IF they had anti-gravity, and cold fusion drives and all the other wonders kept hidden away in that dark tower, it represented the dawning of a new age for all mankind! We were looking at clean, unlimited free energy, solving all the ecological disasters on this world, and moving humanity out to other worlds and other star systems and other galaxies. It meant peace on earth, an end to WAR and HUNGER and us returning to, and taking our proper place, out among the stars!! THAT is what AREA 51 is all about and THAT is why 2 million people should storm the border, just like we should storm the psychic borders of EVERYTHING these Lords of Darkness are keeping from us and our children and our children’s children.

ALL our lives depend on it.


Sean-David Morton