The volcano in Hawaii, Kilawea, has been exacerbated and possibly driven to this current massive eruption by fracking by the PUNA geothermal plant. The joint ISRAELI/US company is called ORMAT.

Senator Harry “Area 51 can do whatever it wants” REID from Nevada is in their pocket and he is trouble for it. He helped them get funding from everyone’s friend, the Obamas as part of the 2009 Federal Reinvestment act, a multi-trillion dollar boondoggle which just tossed out bribes and payoffs to various Democrat cronies.

The lave from the main volcano flow has now drained into what is known as the EASTERN RIFT ZONE. The delicate zone sits on a plate where the lava flows that consists of a 1000 foot drop off that shelf.

Apparently the USGS is now worried, and is giving off warnings on its website, that shelf is now moving and a big eruption would send a 100 foot high tsunami at a speed of 1000 mph heading right at the West Coast of the United States mainland.

Get out your surfboards and scuba gear…


Apparantly the COMMON LAW SHERIFFS did get their hands on Pope Francis using some diversions and did manage to actually restrain him. Then they all got beaten pretty badly by the Swiss guards, who are pretty bad ass for a bunch of chocolate eating watchmakers.

It was on June 21st at some council of religious leaders….


I BELIEVE on JULY 13th… Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are letting a MARCH for FEDERAL PRISON REFORM! This is a worthy cause, as this entire system needs to be destroyed and replaced! So…GO KARDASHIANS!

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Infinite Blessings!

Live Free or Die.

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