So if you have been keeping up to date on the ALT. and MAIN STREAM MEDIA, President Trump has gone so far as to create a 5th ARM of the MILITARY…Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines…and now…TA DA! The US SPACE FORCE. It is now official! We have a military branch just for SPACE…which is all explained as to its roots in all three of my books SANDS OF TIME Vol. I, II and USE of the SPACE FORCE in a MAJOR STANDOFF in book III THE ISOMER PROTOCOL, which broke Earth’s isolation in the galactic community…which I am not sure is good or bad.

If you read them you will KNOW why they put me in prison for exposing the truth and trying to set people free. All through the books Ted Humphrey talks about the conundrum of releasing all the tech we have.

Now the topic of the DULCE ARCHLETA MESA on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation at Dulce, northern New Mexico. There is really no one alive on the planet now that knows MORE about the Dulce Mesa than I do.

In 1989 I was working on a UFO series called UFO CONTACTEES, collecting over 600 hours of footage with UFO Contactees all over the world. With the help of the late Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, we spoke to two engineers that were responsible for HOLLOWING OUT and “habitizing” the Dulce Mesa in 1955 to turn it into an underground nuclear waste storage facility…on Indian land of course. However, at the time the Governor of New Mexico said, “No thank you! we have enough nuclear waste here in New Mexico and I am not going to let you ship in more!” And it would seem that THERE the story would end, until the Feds decided to turn the facility into something else entirely.

But what these engineers DID FIND was cave paintings inside the Mesa that showed the Apaches in COMBAT with what appeared to be humanoid reptilians, or the Serpent Men or NAGAS as they were called by the Apaches. AND they actually found remains of Apache warriors AND these serpent men in the cavern clutched in skeletal death throes.

John Lear and Bill Cooper released a report with the fictitious alien name of O.H. Krill about the nefarious doings at Dulce, much of which was based on the research (and Tragedy) of Paul Benewitz who ran the THUNDER CORPORATION and HAD contact with either ET beings or someone or something working INSIDE DULCE. I spoke to him in 1989 at his home in Albque, NM.

To learn all the details of the conflicts that took place at Dulce in the late 70s and 1980s read SANDS OF TIME! Available in print and AUDIO at

You will also see, indirectly, the involvement of the murdered Phil Schneider as one of the MOLE MEN digging the tunnels for the high speed rail system running under the Mesa and what was FOUND there that led to the DULCE WAR.

Now, an admitted liar and disinformation agent named BILL MOORE, made the claim that he TOTALLY MADE up all the stories about the DULCE MESA, just to prove “how stupid and gullible UFO researchers” were, and that HE was the one that released all this information.

Well, we took up that challenge.

In December 1989, I was part of a film crew and group of scientific researchers which included Dr. Fred Bell, Dr. Jim Dilletossa, Paul Sheppard, Joe Randazzo and others. We flew over the Mesa and saw the entrances to the underground part of the facility, saw huge concrete grates and construction leading into the Mesa, along with a man a made lake on one side that goes in cold and comes out hot. I spoke to rancher Ed Gomez who offered to take me to tunnels that led down into the base, but we ran out of time.

The team ULTRA SOUNDED THE MESA, using the sonic pulse from the Billy Meier UFO case of the sound of a Pleiadian beam ship, that we thought was sure to give whatever was down there one helluva headache. The Sonics were later run through 75 hours of CRAY SUPER COMPUTER analysis out of the University of San Diego, and PROVED CONCLUSIVELY that there was an ATOMIC PILE at the heart of the Mesa and TUBES with running TRAINS coming and going underground. When we did the soundings it was like “standing on top of New York City” said Dr. Dilletossa.

In January 1990, two huge green fireballs were seen coming out of the Mesa, one heading West, sited over Los Angeles and all the Western States, the other, 2 weeks later heading East. We assumed this was the base being evacuated, possibly.

What I believe, and is detailed in Sands of Time, after conversations with the Apache elders and other UFO contactees, and one abductee, Christa Tilton who was taken inside the Mesa, is the that the Dulce Mesa sits above an opening to the Inner Earth, where over 65 million years what we know as dinosaurs, with outside extraterrestrial assistance from the Reptilian Alpha Draconian Empire (also known as THE DOMINION) went underground and evolved into HUMANOID FORM. I also heard the same stories and legends when I lived in Nepal about the NAGAS HARACHI or Royal Serpent Men.

So this may be one reason why the Dulce Mesa has been so key to all these UFO stories over the years and WHY it keeps getting REINFECTED by these Serpent MEN at the lower levels.

By the way, I took all of this scientific information TO WALT ANDRUS at MUFON to present at their conference and was SHUT DOWN COLD! I guess I did not have the “credentials” to talk to their little club, proving once again why MUFON stands for MORONS ULTIMATELY FINDING OUT NOTHING!….

Infinite Blessings, Love and Thanks to you all…

Sean David Morton

PS: My Bet is on KAVANAUGH as the next Supreme Court PICK….