My name is Fabian. I’m a 28 year old Latino and I was a correctional officer that was entrapped by the Feds in a contraband smuggling operation at the prison where I used to work. I was serving one year and a day at the Tucson, AZ, Satellite Camp when I met Sean David Morton. I left for a half way house and have been reunited with my wife and little boy and girl in Texas now.

I am not a professional writer or anything like that. But Sean told me he had a blog that went out to a lot of his people, and I thought I would contribute to it to give you an idea of what Sean is really like and what we were going through at the Camp. It might help him in his fight to get out of there, but I just wanted a way to contribute.

The weird thing about the Camp is that I have never been around so many millionaires in my life. We had a black movie star, a football player with 2 Super bowl rings, the President of HBO who also started Al Jazerra, and the great grandson of a US President. This isn’t to say there aren’t real criminals here, but no one got to be there if they committed a violent crime. It was all drugs or government paperwork stuff, or people the Feds entrapped and screwed over like me.

When Sean first got here I guess they didn’t do haircuts where he was so his hair was all poofy, and then he got some letters from the White House which instantly earned him the nickname of TRUMP or Mr. President!

I just wanted to say that Sean is THE smartest person I have ever met in my life. But this did not do him any good at the camp when he first got there. He really was totally out of place, and I felt really bad for everything he was going through. We used to all watch JEOPARDY in one of the TV classrooms and Sean would shout out ALL the answers to like every single question. So nobody wanted to play or watch it with him anymore. Then he beat all the black guys at CHESS (who take that REALLY SERIOUSLY), and then everybody else at chess…he said Bobby Fisher was an old girlfriend’s uncle and taught him to play…so then no one would play chess with him anymore. Then it was dominos…and then it was cards…it just got ridiculous, as he beat up on everyone and they all told him to go away…which just contributed to his isolation.

He was only here for like 3 days, and he was attacked by this totally crazy full body tattooed Hawaiian muscle boy. Sean was sitting at a table against a wall, and just as the lights went out after count, this guy jumped him. He threw four punches and Sean blocked them all like Neo fighting Agent Smith at the end of The Matrix. Then Sean cocked back and kicked this guy in the stomach so hard he went flying about 10 feet, gasping and grabbing his guts. Then Sean jumped up on the table and yelled, “ANYONE ELSE WANT A PIECE OF THIS? STEP UP!!!” the Hawaiian crawled back to his bunk and got transferred out a week or so later. But weirdly enough he went over and apologized a few days later. They shook hands and were cool from then on.

Anyway, no one messed with Sean after that.

But then he started meditating. There is a wood picnic table under a tree in the center of the quad of buildings. Sean would go out at dawn and sit cross legged on top of the table. Then he would sit there, totally motionless for hours and hours at a time…not moving a muscle. It was really weird. This went on day after day.

Finally I went out to see if he was okay, or poke him with a stick to see if he was still alive.

When I sat down he said, “Hello, Fabian.” I was really surprised. “How do you know my name?” He said, “I know everybody’s name. I went around to the bunks and memorized everyone’s name and bunk number.” He had too. Everyone had their ID card on the front of their lockers. 187 guys and he knew every name and bunk, which freaked these guys out when he would say hello and call them by name.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Meditating. Traveling the time stream. Fixing timelines. Looking in on friends of mine to make sure they’re ok, pulling on some threads in the tapestry of time to make sure this all comes out ok. I would be happy to teach you.”

And he did too, and techniques he taught just blew my mind!! The Tibetan chant of All Knowing, the 12 Chakra alignment and meditation, and even showed me how to pop the WING energy out of my back. I LOVED IT, and we started to both meditate every day. The only one I could not get was the GOD FORCE MEDITATION, as I could never seem to get the knack of opening the curtain to the God Force…more on that latter.

Then he got his hands on a deck of TAROT CARDS and all hell broke loose. Everybody here listens to talk radio, so not only did everyone already know who he WAS, but then he was all over ANCIENT ALIENS on the TV, which is a big show here, and weird sitting there and watching someone sitting next to you on TV. (He’s lost a lot of weight since then!) So he started doing readings for people at a picnic table in the back of the complex, and he was just mobbed with everyone that wanted a reading. These big crimey guys holding out their hands saying, “Do me! Do ME!” It was really funny…

So it helped him out with scheduling, and he was doing Tarot and palm-reading something like 6 hours a day. But really amazing, and everyone was blown away by how good the readings were and how much he knew.

Then after lights out the guards started coming in and taking Sean out in the middle of the night. I finally broke down and asked him what was going, and they were taking him out to see the WARDEN who wanted readings from him! Our temporary warden is also a local celebrity who works as an ELVIS IMPERSONATOR. for real! I couldn’t make this stuff up…So Sean was doing readings for all the higher up brass here.

One friend of ours didn’t want a reading…said he didn’t believe in it…Mormon guy…and Sean warned him he would be RE-ARRESTED, go to jail again, and be moved far away. He didn’t believe any of it…and it did seem totally implausible and just, well, crazy….and the next week he was arrested making a grocery run to the local WAL-MART where he was spotted by a guard…and everything Sean told him came true. We were all locked down for a weekend because of it…guess he should have gotten the reading and listened to Sean.

The night before I was leaving to go home, we were out at the back picnic table meditating, and I did the Tibetan chant of all knowing, and Sean led me through the God Force meditation on last time…and the the thick black velvet curtain finally opened for me…and…I was blown away!! I mean it felt like the top of my HEAD was going to come off! And I really felt for the first time in my life, really ONE with God and the universe.

I will never forget that feeling and how it totally changed everything in my consciousness and in my life.

I just wanted to let people know that I feel for the first time in my life I have met a true spiritual master and everything that entails. If any of you have any doubts I just wanted to toss in my experience of what an amazing person Sean is, and what a brilliant light he was for me and so many others in this dark and dismal place. The Lord just has to get him out of here or there is no justice in the Universe.

Anything any of you can do to help him get out of here I think would save your own souls, and would help Sean to continue to help…and SAVE…our pretty dark and sorry world.


Fabian D.