San Bernardino update (no jokes): The majority of witnesses say there were three white male shooters inside the IRC building. One woman said she saw only one in Building 3 during hushed conversation with another woman while a single police officer “evacuated” the public via elevator, making them all hold up their hands. This woman thought it was a certain co-worker who was recently separated from his wife, apparently, but the face was covered. Police, btw, basically kidnapped all the people in the buildings for hours, including elderly, disabled and retarded, herding them into the nearby golf course and other locations and holding them without charge. A black American witness outside the IRC said he saw three white men dressed in black emerge and rush into a black SUV, then speed off.

The initial report of a black SUV was all SBPD, Redlands PD and Sherrif had to go on for most of the day. Police radio traffic was baffling, because besides the random reports of black SUVs driving around (one of the more common vehicles in SoCal incidentally), there were reports of shots fired and armed gunmen at the San Bernadino Discount Mall, and of shots fired near a shop referred to as “Amazon.” The Muslim couple, both medical professionals with good careers apparently and no problems at their workplaces, didn’t neccessarily even come up for police. What happened, according to the scanner traffic, was that a black SUV with Utah plates slowed down at a location where police were watching or about to enter a “suspicious domestic location,” meaning someone’s house or apartment.

Police thought the SUV slowing down and then driving away was suspicious. If you ever ride around with a cop for a day, they get very excited about license plates, and especially out-of-state plates, which are automatically suspicious to the police officer. They’re trained this way. No one was really urgently looking for the Utah SUV, but it popped up again on another street. About this time a man in a black vehicle failed to yield to police at a different location and then sped off. He ran into a truck carrying bottled water and water bottles covered the street. He crashed his car and kept fleeing on foot.

Police had him pinned down physically in a parking lot the very second the Utah SUV supposedly opened fire while driving at 25 to 30 MPH with its hazard lights on through a closed rear window at a squad car behind it. The “fire fight” then took place out of sight with no real photos or footage despite at least three helicopters filming the general area from the sky. By the time the (KTTW TV?) copter arrived, there was a bleeding dead body on the street, the SUV was destroyed and the driver door was open. A dark object lay next to the corpse. Police and media consistently referred to this as a “long gun” instead of a rifle and even corrected themselves when they began to call it by its proper name, creating the hybrid “long rifle.” Except it wasn’t long, it was a very tiny and somewhat short “assault rifle.”

According to police scanner traffic a resident saw a third person escaping, but police stopped looking for him after a while. They also reported there was a MALE inside the vehicle with an “AR” on HIS chest, he was shot but still breathing. There were no skid marks on the street. The earliest clear photo to emerge of the corpse on the road showed a man in a SHORT-SLEEVED black shirt lying face down on the asphalt with both hands cuffed behind his back and the assault rifle/pea shooter next to his left on the pavement. The SUV had all windows shot out except for the windshield, which had bullet holes, but which also had the WINDSHIELD WIPER going at that once-every-15-seconds semi-wipe.

The hazard lights continued to function, or at least the rear right one did. Police eventually dragged a blanket and then a dead body out of the SUV using an overkill of anti-bomb vehicles. The corpse was intentionally filmed poorly by the helicopter, as they had also done with the dead man face down in the street, hidign him behind a tree. The first clear images to emerge were from a helicopter and appeared to show the back of a dead woman lying face down on the pavement without handcuffs and upper limbs askew. The blanet appeared to be off-white with some sort of stylized large black spider design on it.


There was no one dressed in combat fatigues, Islamic veils or anything of the sort. They were dressed as yuppies, which is what they appear to have been. There was no evidence the SINGLE SQUAD CAR stopped approximately 30 feet away had taken any fire at all. There was no explanation how or why the driver ended up across the traffic divider on the other side of the street, much less how he could have fired his firearm with his hands cuffed, if they were cuffed at that time. The audio evidence indicates three main vollies of shots including both semi-automatic large calibre possibly shotgun rounds and samller calibre automatic rifle fire. The volies do not sound as if a firefight is happening. Instead, it sounds as if someone is pumping rounds into an object, waiting, perhaps reloading and doing it again. I would estimate about 30 rounds in each volley for a total of somewhere around 100 shots fired just right there as the Utah SUV stood there with its windshield wipers going. Police claimed to extract ammunition from the van after they got close to it. They also said they found pipe bombs. They also reported the pipe bombs were being thrown out at pursuing police, for which there is no evidence.
It might be interesting to note SBPD did two of these whack-a-vehicle target practice sessions, with fatalities, around Valentine’s Day, 2015 in San Bernardino, reported by various news outlets. They killed several people this way. The second incident seemed to revolve around some sort of non-cooperation with police in collecting evidence, perhaps regarding the earlier incident.
The Farooks’ apartment was apparently raided by FBI a day or two before the reporters helped themselves to whatever loot was left. The FBI decided to leave their search warrant list at the premises for the reporters who had not yet arrived, lists of items seized, not list of items sought, apparently. According to these lists, the FBI found more pipe bombs, ammunition and guns. Also, the child AND THE GRANDMOTHER lived there. So the couple couldn’t have taken the child to the paternal grandmother for babysitting on the day of the IRC mass shooting. If the wife’s parents live nearby, it’s possible they acted as babysitter, but no one has said they do live anywhere nearby.
The FBI did considerable damage to the property including breaking large glass windows and interior doors. They also left the computer there in the kid’s room.
The Farook family lawyer says they didn’t have any combat experience or training, the wife weighed 90 pounds and probably couldn’t lift a rifle, and there was no reason or evidence they were unhappy in any way.
The lawyer also said on television he believed both were found lying face down and handcuffed in the Utah SUV. This isn’t supported by the helipcopter footage unless there was a third body at the scene in the SUV which the deliberately decided to omit from all coverage.
three white men dress in full-body black jump suits with cargo pants and faces covered entered building 3 of the IRC and shot a limited number of people including at least one Orhtodox Jewish man with automatic rifles. They exited and  left the scene in a black SUV. The Farooks were set up as patsies although all the details of who killed them and when, and how their corpses ended up in the street, aren’t clear.
Evidence linking them to any “terror group” at all is lacking or obviously circumstantial to the extent it is meaningless–an alleged facebook post and telephone calls to people FORMERLY under suspicion by the FBI.
They were happy stupid Muslims pursuing the American dream in sunny Southern California.
The grandmother and child are obviously missing from the picture.
As mentioned earlier on Stange Universe Radio, San Bernardino was rocked by a serial murder spree 100 years ago so notorious Mira Loma emerged as the new name of whatever that town was called. In fact, the San Bernardino shootings of 2015 fell on the 100th anniversary to the day of the disappearance and murder of 14-year-old Orta Hedges in San Bernardino. There were 14 victims at the Inland Rehabilitation Center whose acronym IRC is more recognizable as Internet Relay Chat in this generation. “Chatter” was the meme or organizational justification which emerged from the “intelligence community” out of the Paris AND San Bernardino shootings:

the idea that “the terrorists” were using encryption too good for the NSA to crack, although there is no evidence at all encrypted digital communications were used in either event.
The Orson Welles film The Third Man (1949) was well known to an earlier generation with its unforgettable Zither theme song written by Anton Karas. See also: Third Man factor (isolation studies), third man argument (philosophy). The missing “third man” meme in San Bardnardino is a reference to the intelligence community itself. Sloppy, huh?