Old Jewish guy says: “Hey, you’re Muslim, you shouldn’t be here at this Christmas party!”

Muslim guy says: “Screw you old man, you do not realize with whom you are messing.”

“Whatcha gonna do, suicide-complain about me? You Muslims are all the same, dumb as blondes. Go tell your mama.”

“I’m going now, old man, but I’LL BE BACK, and don’t talk poorly of Muslim women, you’ll be sorry.”

Man goes home to wife. “Honey, let’s take the kid and grandma and drop them off at the other grandma’s house, then let’s get all those pipe bombs, ammo and automatic weapons our Hispanic friend has been giving us to store in our garage. I have a workplace grievance. Let’s go kill that Jewish guy who told me I’m not welcome at the Christmas party.”

“OK, let me put my skirt on and grab my purse.”

“Should we take that car we rented in Utah and never bothered to return?”

“Yeah, might as well. Hey, let’s stop and get some halal fast food on the way.”

“Sure thing, honey.”
After shooting exactly 14 and not more people at the workplace Christmas party, couple does not go home, does not pick up child and grandma from other grandma’s house, but decides to cruise around town despite major traffic blockages due to police cars, vans and RV command units everywhere, not to mention a bunch of television RVs everywhere.

“Is that halal chicken OK?”

“It’s great, thanks for asking.”

“Should we go shoot up something else?”

“Maybe later. Let’s take a break for now. The weather is improving.”

“Yeah, it was overcast earlier, light drizzle, but now it’s sunny. Should I turn off the windshield wipers?”

“No, there might be a few drops still coming from the heavens. Let’s drive back and laugh at all the cops and the public crowding the roads around our workplace.”

“OK, good idea. Hiding in plain sight.”

“Did you bring that satchel of elbow-pipe bombs, just in case?”

“Right here, hon.”