Dear Friends and Family,

We are concerned for the health and safety for our friend Sean Morton.

No one had heard from Sean since his phone call October 11. He has been in the “SHU”, special housing unit, totally isolated, not allowed outside, only one phone call per month, no access to computers, and can’t read because of being legally blind, and denied his eyeglasses.

On October 11th Sean was using the computers and asking friends to write letters of support for him to the judge for his upcoming hearing on November 18. Without warning he was dragged away and sent to the SHU detention for alleged “solicitation”, and since being his own attorney has every right to solicit character references to support his case! Evidently the Warden did not take kindly to the amount of phone calls they were receiving on his behalf and he is now being punished for exercising the right to defend himself. This is obstruction of justice.

When he made his call to Melissa on the 11th, he said they beat him up, stripped him and made him sit in a freezing room for hours. They ransacked his locker and threw out his medications and eye drops, eye patch, etc. Sean has Type II diabetes and depriving him of his medication is a potentially life threatening situation.

Sean tried to get a federal defender and his request was denied. It appears he is being targeted, abused, denied his rights, etc for exercising his first amendment rights. In a letter which Melissa received October 30, he said that they told him it was for going on the “radio” which caused the isolation as his punishment for ‘soliciting’. Sean is a human and no one deserves to be beaten and abused. This is simply cruel and unusual punishment! At minimum it is a denial of rights on many levels that must be corrected legally.

In his letter, Sean said he still wasn’t allowed to have his glasses, and didn’t mention NOT having his meds, so we might assume he is at least being allowed that by now.

Also, he said that he has been meditating a lot; he spent time with a big white lion “Shalu”, who was hunting Pretas, “bad ghosts” and trying to protect him. He has been doing a lot of remote viewing and reconnecting with his spiritual side, higher self and spirit guides.

In event this motion is unsuccessful, we are ready to file another specifically asking for his home release per the First Step Act signed into law by President Trump in December 2018.. The BOP is ignoring this new law, so everything must go through the courts.

In the meantime, the team is focusing on getting Sean released from SHU and in dealing with multiple contingencies based on how events unfold, including helping to get him back on his feet once he is released for home confinement.

We humbly ask for your support so someone can physically check in on him, make sure Sean is ok and is treated fairly, has access to his medications, and that he has means to prepare his case.

Sean needs financial help so his defense team can immediately help him enter official complaints to get a hearing to try to restore his rights and get him out of the isolation.

Sean needs an extensive amount of legal help since he can’t see or use computers as he is deprived of his glasses. Sean needs the legal help in order to get him out of the current isolation in SHU as well as to start to prepare other legal remedies.

His defense team is helping him with:

1. Getting his rights back and get out of the SHU

2. His current motion for sentence reduction

3. Begin to prepare for a new trial if his appeal is approved and there are still 3 more legal remedies he is allowed to do if his appeal is denied.

Your donations will be used for the most pressing legal needs to continue to fight his isolation and restore his rights ASAP and to fight his entire conviction.

Please know that your prayers and contributions are greatly appreciated.

– team Sean

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