Please spread the word FAR and WIDE. Contact anyone you know in the media!! This needs to get out there!

No one had heard from Sean for a week. He was finally allowed to use the phone today. He has been in the “SHU”, special housing unit for the past week. Totally isolated, not allowed outside, no phones, no computers, can’t read because of being legally blind, etc.

Last Friday he used the computers to ask friends to write letters of support for him to the judge, for his upcoming hearing on November 18. He has an answer due on Friday, October 25. As he was being dragged away, they told him this was “solicitation”. Completely legal as he is is own attorney and he can absolutely do that! He is being denied the right to defend himself. This is obstruction of justice.

They beat him up, stripped him and made him sit in a freezing room for hours. They won’t give him his glasses or medications. They ransacked his locker and threw out his medications and eye drops, eye patch, etc.

He needs everyone to call the warden at the facility and complain about the cruel punishment and being denied the ability to defend himself.

This might also be something Judge Wilson should be made aware of. He needs everyone to raise bloody hell and get him out of there ASAP, so he can file his response on time. He tried to get a federal defender and they denied him. He is being targeted, abused, denied his rights, etc.

He is a human and no one deserves to be beaten and abused. This is simply cruel and unusual punishment!

His counselor is Mr. Romero and the warden is

Barbara Blankensee

9300 Wilmont Ave. Tucson, AZ, 85734

Please help!!