Okay, 18 year anniversary of 9-11…sooooo…..

“When something is totally screwed up, you can usually tell the Government is behind it!” ~Sean-David Morton~

Asst US Attorney Ted Olsen said he took a cell phone call from his wife Barbara on one of the planes. She wrote a nasty book about HRC. This is the only place we get the “ARAB TERRORIST” story from. He changed his story 6 times. You could not make cell calls from planes in 2001, and her plane didn’t have phones.

Investigative reporter Sherman Skolnik claims Babs survived. He followed Ted to a clinic in Switzerland and took photos of a woman who had undergone heavy plastic surgery. Six weeks later he was dead. Ted “died” not much after that.

Only a Japanese terrorist group called RED STAR ever took responsibility for the attacks. Not Bin Laden. Not Al Queda.

10 years later, photos were finally released showing firemen in front of the EMPTY VAULT under WTC 7 where tens of millions in GOLD had been stolen before it mysteriously “collapsed”. This is all, by the way, the PLOT of DIE HARD 2….watch it again!

There is not a SINGLE WORD about the collapse of WTC 7 The Solomon Bros. Building in the 911 Commission Report. Not ONE!

Of the FOUR 911 Aircraft, not one of them was ever decommissioned by the FAA. In fact planes matching their TAIL NUMBERS and REGISTRATION CODES were all sold to GREECE some years later. OOPS!

Cars for miles around ground ZERO were all MELTED TO SLAG! Why?

The inner core of both towers can be seen on video JUST DISINTEGRATING TO DUST AFTER the buildings collapsed. [This is SCALAR WAVE TECH!]

Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Brett Hume…and every newsman reporting that day claimed there were “SECONDARY EXPLOSIONS” that blew the buildings.

MOST of the people that died in the second tower, were all ORDERED BACK IN TO WORK after the first plane hit. the people that survived said, “OOOH…HELL NO!”

Of the 19 ACCUSED Highjackers, at least FOUR of them are STILL ALIVE and WELL and living in the MID EAST. Whaaa?

Mohammad Atta’s PASSPORT was found unburned and totally unscathed in mint condition a few blocks from ground zero. They claim it “FELL OUT OF THE PLANE!”

Atta and his friends were filmed at the airport ticket counter. Then filmed at the security checkpoint, all dressed in completely different clothes! Oh, and they were seen drinking and carousing at a STRIP CLUB the night before…cuz that is what suicidal devote Muslims do.

The planes that crashed into the towers had no windows, were 60 feet LONGER than the planes that took off, and had MISSILE PACKAGES mounted under the wings.

Each plane sat 239 people. There were 222 people on ALL FOUR PLANES! So they ALL could have loaded into ONE PLANE and they could have CRASHED that somewhere!

Video shows a GLOBAL HAWK DRONE hitting the Pentagon travelling at 660 MPH only 6 feet off the ground. It made a whole only 16 feet wide. Photos of this appeared on the front page of the LA TIMES.

The “BONE DOCTORS” brought in from the SMITHSONIAN (wha?) to examine the “BODIES” at the Pentagon were the same set of doctors used at WACO for the murdered Branch Davidians!

A BBC lady British reporter was lamenting about the TRAGEDY of the collapse of WTC 7 Solomon Bros. Bldg., when it was STILL STANDING RIGHT BEHIND HER, and would NOT COLLAPSE for another 45 min. OOOPS!

Larry Silverstein in an interview said WTC 7 “was PULLED. WE PULLED IT!” It was being used as an HQ by Rudy Gulliani, and they were seen fleeing from it about 4 pm….Of interest, was the 4th plane supposed to hit, and just never made it? OOPS! So they just blew it UP anyway…hoping no one would NOTICE?

There was no “WRECKAGE” at both the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA. In PA the plane went STRAIGHT DOWN into a COAL MINE! SUPER NEAT AND CONVENIENT! What was left of the Global Hawk was taken out on a STRETCHER!

There are no VOICES recorded from any of the passengers…nobody yelling, “LET’S ROLL!” This was all reported by FED CONTROLLED PHONE OPERATORS…remember, no airplane Cell PHONES in 2001….

And I have to come to the conclusion that George W. Bush is the greatest genius who ever lived!!

He pulled off the GREATEST MAGIC TRICK IN THE HISTORY OF MAN…got US HOMELAND SECURITY, which the Germans used to call THE GESTAPO, the TSA, and a massive MULTI-TRILLION TOTALITARIAN SUPER STATE, got us into TWO WARS that are STILL GOING ON, totally looted the banks and almost completely destroyed the economy of Western Civilization by using the PROMIS AI software to spike all the computers creating the crash of 2008….got Barack Obama elected to drive the getaway car and use taxpayer money to reimburse all the banks, without a SINGLE MORTGAGE OR CREDIT CARD OR LOAN being repaid….and convince all of us that he is some kind of idiot.


that’s all I can remember off the top of my head!

Love and Blessings.

Sean Morton