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It’s my job to notice synchronicities and try to give you the deeper meta-physical meanings behind them. There is a link between the strength and PATH of the Hurricane Dorian gray area and the boat fire of the Conception at Santa Cruz Island in California resulting in the mysterious deaths of 34 people. Both of them are all bad on every level, and could, in fact, be due to the opening of an interdimensional portal and the release of any number of very bad things. I have been on the CONCEPTION and taken that same diving trip many times, and led spiritual warrior tours of people out to Santa Cruz Island many times with another company called ISLAND PACKERS, in order to work the energy vortex there and stop fires and earthquakes in So Cal. You can work the energy of Northern Cali. from Mt. Shasta, CA, from Panther Meadow.

Dorian has wiped out Nassau and the Bahamas, and if you ever saw the fantastic series BLACK SAILS, you know that this was the center of pirate raiding and activity in the early 1700s. But Dorian was moving thru the vortex more popularly known as THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE, which has been at the heart of disappearances of ships for hundreds of years, and entire fleets of aircraft beginning with the celebrated FLIGHT 19, and the disappearance of the aircraft that went to rescue them. Those planes appear in the opening sequence of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, and, of course, the airmen are returned in the film’s conclusion. And to SOLVE that mystery, I did a story on how Apollo 11 took two extra orbits just to photograph an object that turned out to BE a Grumann A-16 Avenger, with the wings broken off, encased in ice and in orbit around Earth. Apparently it, and the rest of the air group, was swept into the wild black yonder in the back draft of a phalanx of UFOs heading out into space. [See FLIGHT 19 RESEARCH online done by Wes Bateman.] The last transmission the airmen screamed was, “DON’T COME AFTER US! THEY’RE FROM OUTER SPACE!” Billy Meier has called this area an Einstein-Rosen bridge between alternate Earth’s, and actually photographed living dinosaurs in this other time/space parallel Earth.

The Triangle was the Southwest tip of the mythical continent of Atlantis. The Atlanteans used a power system that used gigantic pyramids 1600 ft. high to gather solar and earth energy and convert it into electro-magnetic power that then powered their advanced technology with the remote transmission of power through the air. Tesla figured out this system, but was never able to put it into mass use. But the aftereffects of this power is that it was misused by the Atlanteans who wanted more and more and more power, and the continent simply “WINKED OUT” into an interdimensional time-space that some have called “THE PURPLE DIMENSION”, Called this because many survivors have stumbled into this space that they say has a purple violet hue and come out the other side having experienced episodes of missing time.

Now before you accuse me of being David Wilcockian and just making all this crap up, this 1600 foot pyramid has been photographed several times from space when it is on OUR SIDE of the dimensional rift, as it is moving back and forth between dimensions. Ancient Astronaught THEORISTS believe, that when it is on OUR SIDE, on sunny days, it gathers enough solar power and blasts out a beam that zaps whatever is in its path into this Purple Dimension, where those people are never seen again. And the late Ron Brown claimed to have actually SCUBA dived into the pyramid and retrieved an Atlantean Crystal at its heart.

Well Hurricane Dorian…STOPPED…DEAD IN ITS TRACKS…right ON TOP of that space! It just SAT THERE and slowed substantially. Now when it finally started moving forward, there are those who claim Trump DID, in fact, NUKE IT, and that certain weather tech was used to keep it off the coast and ameliorate the damage along the Eastern Seaboard. Who can say?

But what did Dorian UNLEASH rotating on that vortex and killing all those people in the Bahamas, where they say the final death toll will be unimaginable? I’m just saying…something that I noticed. And how does this link to the nautical disaster of the Conception on the California Channel Island of Santa Cruz?

Ancient Astronaut COSMIC Conspiracy Theorists WANT TO KNOW!

California was part of the ancient continent of Lemuria when the rest of North America was under water, and, legend has it, Lemuria was destroyed at the same time as Atlantis as the result of the same catastrophe or because of a war between them. 17,000 years ago the Channel Islands were sacred temple mountain tops that were connected to the main continent. At this time the Gulf of California and Baja were created by the ripping of the San Andreas Fault that tore the landmass right up the middle like a huge zipper forming the Continental Shelf the Gulf of California and the peninsula of Baja itself. Seawater still seeps thru it in the town of Salt and Sea.

Because they are mostly uninhabited the POWER of the Channel Islands is intact. They are STILL Lemurian Temple sites, and there is a reason the FedGov bought them all to keep people away. Years ago they were privately owned, and you took a ship to a small harbor and met an old couple named Walter and Dolly and could stay the night in wonderful bunk houses that slept about 30 people. They would start a camp fire and cook up fresh mutton, and it was a truly magical place called SCORPION RANCH. You could hike and camp and shoot, hunt wild pig and watch the red foxes come up to you for scraps around the fire at night.

I also discovered that you could WORK all the vortex energy of Southern California at different power points in the hills and caves around the ranch. That you could STOP the energy of FIRES and EARTHQUAKES from this location. But I wasn’t the first to discover this…

In the late 1800s and early 20th Century there was a group of Occultists led by a woman named Mary Heath called THE MEONIA SOCIETY, based out of Wolverhampton, England. They were the protectors of a number of jewels that directly related to the vibrations and frequencies of the Hebrew Kabbalah. Two of the jewels, a small jade called the Meonia Stone, and another star ruby called the EYE OF FIRE, were mounted in the hilt of the legendary sword of Merlin, EXCALIBUR. The Meonia Stone could open doors to other dimensions and the Eye Of Fire could give one ALL KNOWLEDGE. [THE GREEN STONE and THE EYE OF FIRE by Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman. I bought the film rights.]

There is a mass amount of British History, including Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, that revolved around the Meonia Stone and how it was hidden, then found in the 1970s. Mary lost a battle against a dark magician named John Langley, and she, with a number of power objects and what was left of her now rag-tag band had to flee England where they eventually settled in Oxnard, California. She KNEW the POWER OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS and of Santa Cruz and Scorpion Ranch. So she hid a number of these power objects there.

In 1987, I returned to America after travelling to England, India and Nepal, I teamed up with Graham Phillips, Martin Keatman, Marion Sunderland, who possessed the Meonia Stone, her daughter Gaynor, and Graham Russell from AIR SUPPLY, and his wife who financed the entire operation. We learned of the power of Santa Cruz Islands, and we spent several days there doing processes and ceremonies to unleash the energy that we found. Marion carried with her the MEONIA STONE, and I was given the Star Ruby EYE OF FIRE.

We actually witnessed the APPEARANCE of an entity who called herself THE WHITE LADY. Also, inside a mountain cave near the mouth of the harbor, we unleashed a horrifically cyclopean demonic entity that I had to deal with. It asked me ONE QUESTION…and I knew if I didn’t answer correctly we would all be destroyed.

“WHAT IS THE ANSWER???” The THING ASKED! One man in our group screamed “WHAT’S THE QUESTION?” But I knew what it was talking about and I responded:


Then it came at me, and after spending the previous year in meditation and study in a monastery in Nepal, I turned on the VIOLET FIRE, knowing that evil needed to not be RESISTED, as that only makes if more powerful…but needed to be absorbed and TRANSMUTED!! And I transmuted all of it, turning this demonic force into RELEASED ANGELIC ENERGY! It also MASSIVELY activated the WING CHAKRAS in my back, and even manifested the MICHAEL ANGELIC force and energy within me, which manifested as the Black Dog’s head of the ANUBIS. In fact for years I had a huge black dog spirit animal that used to follow me around. [MICHAEL is a Christian overlay of the Egyptian god ANUBIS]

I don’t expect many of you to understand or appreciate this…but having a group of 34 people all DIE horrible deaths by fire trapped in a boat, IN THAT HARBOR…should release massive dark force energy which will manifest in MORE FIRES and larger Earthquakes over the course of the rest of this year. Already there is a CRACK in the Earth that can be seen from SPACE beginning at CHINA LAKE where it looks like Calif. will literally break away from the rest of America.

Also, rumor has it, there were two high level GOOGLE EXECS on that ship, and that there are recordings of people screaming, “LET US OUT! YOU’RE KILLING US! HELP!”

So 2 disasters on TWO major vortexes with massive death.

The question is: WHAT, exactly has been unleashed…and how will it manifest in the days to come.

I have no delusions of grandeur, AND I also KNOW that the importance of any battle should never be judged by the size of the battlefield. And Those who have journeyed with me on these amazing adventures to Santa Cruz Island and Mt. Shasta, no doubt thought I was crazy when I told them about things to come, only to stand in awe and amazement when all I have said came to pass.

Seriously, I feel like I really need to get out of here to save the world.

Believe it…OR NOT!



Sean Morton