Dear Friends and Family,

It is now becoming clear to everyone that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals need to simply be destroyed, and clean up from top to bottom. Their ruling are nonsensical, ludicrous, violate the rule of law, and virtually EVERY SINGLE ruling they make is being overturned by the Supreme Court, and rightfully so.

The purpose of the 4th Amendment was to protect Americans from the tactics of “General Search and Seizure” that was so often practiced by the British Redcoat, who would invade a domicile and turn it upside down. The warrant had to state what SPECIFICALLY needed to be searched and what was being searched for, AND the warrant needed to be ON THE PREMISES so it could be checked against what was being searched and seized.

Well, once again, the 9th Circuit Court has set a deadly and dangerous precedent in our case. The have denied Melissa Morton’s appeal, as during the pre-dawn raid, carried out by IRS CID thugs, with M-16s in full battle gear looking for, I kid you not, records of TAXES not being paid on a litter of KITTENS sold that year, the warrant was locked in an agents car six blocks from the scene of their crime.

Also, even the Deep State DOJ prosecutors agreed that the instructions given to the stacked and biased jury were a complete and utter mess. There was no way for the jury to tell what was real and what wasn’t, and what evidence was to be considered and what wasn’t…and it goes on and on.

So in denying Melissa’s appeal, even against the objections of the Feds, this will allow her to take this to the Supreme Court to stop this dangerous precedent, and allow her to file a Habeas Corpus which will allow her to inform the Court of everything they didn’t know during trial and bring to light everything the DOJ HID from the Court, that would not have even made this prosecution possible in the first place.

Melissa is out now, still homeless, sleeping the couches of friends, showing at the gym and living out of her car, the 2006 Ford Escape, that she is now being told still needs another $1400 in repairs. Our “FRIENDS” threw out all of her clothes, so she is rummaging through piles of clothing at the GOODWILL to even get something to wear to work at all the jobs she is working at and employment she is trying to get.

Of course her credit has been destroyed, and she has to get some semblance of it fixed before anyone will consider renting to her. Her Mormon family has totally turned their back on her, and she has received no help that I know of from the Mormon Church.

If you would or could help her in any way, we set up a Pay Pal account for contributions.


Thanks to my friends we did manage to raise enough for our Paralegals to finish up the legal work that needs to be done, and I will give you updates on my case and situation in a future update.

AND…some fantastic news…President Donald J. Trump is now setting up a US Attorney as a SPECIAL COUNSEL just to handle PARDONS of those that have been persecuted and prosecuted by Obama’s Deep State Criminals. So if any of your hear any more on this development, please let me know.

They have refused to give me the extra minutes and phone time required by the 1st Step act and my minutes will not renew until the 16th…so no STRANGE UNIVERSE RADIO BLAST this week….but maybe JayPee can read something for me!

Again…working for the Enlightenment of ALL Sentient Beings!

Love and Light and Joy and Infinite Blessings to you all.

Sean Morton