(Please Post FAR AND WIDE!)

so I Fridays I try to live in our makeshift exercise room that has two PRE Cores and two treadmills with 2 TVs up on the wall. And for some reason, TODAY, FRIDAY, I had the whole place to myself. I have this radio that switches the sound between the TVs and when there are commercial I hit the button and go to AM to see what Rush or Hannity are bloviating about.

But FRIDAY is the ANCIENT ALIEN marathon ALL DAY on The HITLER CHANNEL…the one with the big ‘H’ in corner…for HITLER. So I have Ancient Aliens one TV and FOX NEWS (also great Science Fiction) on the OTHER….

So from out of the BLUE AA is doing a story on the Feb. 25, 1942, BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES, when a UFO flew over the South Bay and was blasted by 14,000 rounds of ammo, which bounced off the force field around the ship, damaged homes, and that and the LA wide black out killed 14 people.

So, here is a man, who “grew up in Hermosa Beach, California” standing of the beach on 28th street in front of the famous Doheny House, blocks from where I lived for 30 years. “My whole family and I saw the UFO as it stopped and hovered over us on the beach, then it headed for the Redondo Beach Harbor, over Palos Verdes and headed towards Catalina.” It was being followed by fighter planes. They went on to say that they think it was possibly shot down on the other side of Catalina and recovered by the military.

I had done stories on this incident for years, and one of the people I interviewed, who at that time was a young gunnery sargent out of Long Beach, was none other than DeForrest Kelley, Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy on STAR TREK. And he talked about how he “blasted the damn thing with 50 cal rounds…and they bounced off! Damnest thing I ever seen!”

So at the SAME TIME…on the OTHER TV…was a story about graduation at my ALMA MATER THE University of Southern California, and how 43,000 students were now mired in $1.7 TRILLION in student loan debt! and made my heart just jump and sing to see my SCHOOL and my adopted home town all at once.

Meanwhile….I got this letter from the 9th Circuit Court that said, “You didn’t respond to us by May 1, so we are cancelling your appeal! HAHA!” And I flipped out…and I was picking out a a place in this tree to hang myself, and sent outraged emails out to the para legals helping me….only to have PACER checked online to find it was all a MISTAKE, and a sick joke by the 9th CC…and “Sorry! Our BAD! We are STOOOPID! and your appeal is really due on May 20th…”

Last but not least…thanks to the DOJ and the BOP whose only goal in all of this was to destroy me socially, politically, financially and ultimately physically, short of killing me, I will be permanently blind in my right eye and legally blind forever. In my last appointment with a DR. DIAZ he slipped and told me that he had lied and had not even PUT a replacement lens in my eye “because the scar tissue is so bad” (from the BOTCHED operation) “that there is no room for the lens!”

So I started this WITH 20/80 sight, and now thanks to all this “TREATMENT” totally blind in my right eye…with the BOP/DOJ KNOWING that I was defending myself and acting as my own attorney…and all of this to STOP ME!!

So there it is children. This is what they do to Prophets. They cannot allow gods to walk the earth, huh?

All the love and Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734

But I mean WHO ELSE does stuff like this HAPPEN TO??