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“SEAN-DAVID MORTON is to be used as a deterrent and an example to anyone that would question the VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX system of the United States of America.”
~Judge Steven V. Wilson~

“No…I will not allow you to testify. This is NOT a tax EVASION CASE! Sean Morton was totally transparent and told you every dime he made over the course of five years from 2005 to 2008. So you will step down from the stand, sir.”
Judge Steven V. Wilson to IRS Agent Ted Kolupus operating under the ALIAS of Ted Hanson.

Okay…April 15th. Tax day. Have to make sure all the little SHEEPLE are nice and scared so they can be led like, well, lambs to the fleecing and the slaughter, and they have successfully smeared and libeled ME, yet again, and LOTS MORE, to make sure you are shaking on your hooves.

Let me state for the record and emphatically, I never, ever, EVER “questioned” or even spoke or TALKED about the “Voluntary Income tax system of the United States.” This was a lie made up out of whole cloth. I was NEVER the “ARCHITECT OF NUMEROUS TAX SCAMS!” Another GIGANTIC LIE! We PAID a Tax Prep firm run by a Certified Public Accountant, to DO OUR TAXES…then we were used AS “VICTIMS” to put Brandon and Garrett Adams and Gordon Hall in prison….then they turned on US as “PERPETRATORS” somehow….so…we get raped, then they come after US for, uhhh, raping…OURSELVES? What the WHAT?

Now if you VOLUNTEERED to pay income taxes…then I guess you can UN-VOLUNTEER, but volunteering was an entire contractual process that you have all at some point agreed to. And there are LOTS of advantages and privileges to filing your 1040 VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX FORM (says it right on the TOP!) As you can get credit and bank loans, and get the banks to lend you MORE money, and loans for HOUSES and all KINDS of debt slavery stuff!

For example, can you tell me HOW you can fill out a 1040, a document that can be used against you and to prosecute you IN COURT and possibly send you to PRISON…without violating your 5th Amendment rights of self incrimination and testifying against yourself. But you CONTRACTED those rights AWAY…expecting the possible benefit of a “refund”, or your MONEY, which the Feds have KEPT INTEREST FREE for MONTHS…. And if you claim your 5th Am. rights…you get hit with a “FRIVOLOUS” fine of thousands of “dollars”. So, some background.

APRIL 15th. TAX DAY—Abraham Lincoln refused to borrow the Union into massive debt to pay for the War Between the States. So he was shot on April 14th but died on April 15th.

J.P. Morgan who engineered the 16th Amendment and the Central Federal Reserve bank and the income tax, also owned the WHITE STAR SHIPPING LINES. He gathered together the wealthiest people in America, every one that had the power to oppose his plans for a central bank, and sent them on a little boat ride. Morgan bowed out at the last minute claiming, falsely that he was ill. That ship was the TITANIC. It hit the iceberg on April 14th….but SANK on April 15th…and JP Morgan got his CENTRAL BANK and the INCOME TAX in a midnight vote on Christmas Eve later that year in 1912.

For those of you that don’t know THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation. The website MANTA.COM allows you to look up about 60 million corporations and get their DUN AND BRADSTREET NUMBERS. Well, the US Federal Govt. is listed AS a CORP. w 2.7 million employees…but the OWNER/CEO of the FED GOV. is listed as ARCH BISHOP Derick R. McCloud of the Catholic Arch Diocese on Michigan and 4th street, Washington, DC.

All federal district courts are also listed as corps with credit ratings and D & B numbers. In fact the Los Angeles Dist. Fed court is a subsidiary S-CORP of the 9th Circuit Corp, which is domiciled in Reno, NV. LOOK IT UP!

Therefore, if you are wondering WHY the CONVICTION RATE in these courts is something like 97% it is because they bond out the cases, which then get CUSIP numbers and are lodged with the Depository Trust Corp. in NYC. They made, and I have proof of this, $450 MILLION off the cases against us which are on deposit with Fidelity Mutual Canada–so they don’t have to pay US taxes!

Here is the shell game: All these Federal Trusts and/or corporations are listed under Title 32 and there are about 250 of them from a Widows and Orphans Fund, to the Abe Lincoln Log Cabin Caretaker Fund, etc. The Internal Revenue SERVICE is listed as private trust #2, domiciled off shore in the Philippines, along with all the other Fed. Corps, up until 1946. Then they were all transferred to Puerto Rico in 1953, where IRS is now listed as TRUST #62.

Internal REVENUE is under the US TREASURY under Title 26…but the Internal Revenue SERVICE comes under Title 16 as PRIVATE and must obey all the same rules and laws as any other PRIVATE COLLECTION agency. Put they play a game where it switches back and forth…and you still can’t SUE the IRS without suing the USA.

Under STEELCO Vs. Diversified Metals INC, it was established that the IRS is NOT an OFFICE, OR AGENCY or BUREAU of the UNITED STATES. Also under USA v. GRACE CORP. turns out NO REVENUE collected by the IRS goes to the US TREASURY but to the Intl. Monetary Fund as a collection Agency for the Bank of International Settlements…which is owned by the VATICAN…in case you want to bring the Vatican connection back around again.

So…if want to know MORE about all of this I would be happy to continue if you send me an email and let me know if this is of any interest to anyone out there….

And actually, it would just be good to HEAR from some of you just to say HELLO!

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton