On THURSDAY The Senate JUDICIARY COMMITTEE by a vote of 12 to 10 put two of Trump’s NEW JUDGES on the 9th CIRCUIT COURT….KENNETH LEE and DANIEL COLLINS.

This makes 37 new judges of Trump’s CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATISM that have been approved by the SENATE, leaving now 123 more vacancies that Trump has yet to fill…

This is GREAT news for US as the 9th is considered THE WORST of the Circuit Courts in regards to their fascist, liberal and frankly ridiculous rulings, only reflecting the horrors that have been inflicted by the judiciary in California after Gov. Jerry Brown did us in with his activist judges in the 1970s…then came BACK to finish us OFF in the 2010s!

The court has been massively backlogged with cases due their sheer laziness, inefficiency and the shortage of judges on the court, and I BELIEVE Trump has one more judge to nominate of the 15 judges that serve.

In my case, at the advice of the attorney FOR the 9th Circuit, I filed SIX Dispository motions in my case, rather than my 88 page appeal, as the injustices, lies, crimes and errors committed by DOJ Deep State prosecutors Valerie Makawitz and James C. Hughes were so blatant and outrageous as to not even rise to the level of a proper appeal. These dispository motions are to DISPOSE of and EXPUNGE the case entirely. And myself and my legal team, if I do say so myself, did such excellent and exemplary work on this…all WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY or ANY assistance whatsoever from my jailers in HERE, that the motions submitted on November 21, 2018, have gone UNOPPOSED and UNCONTESTED! The FedGovScum had 10 days to respond and just gave up, left the field of battle, and by this admitted they had been caught red-handed and didn’t want to dig their graves any deeper by opening their mouths any wider!

In Melissa’s case, she has a Public Defender who put in a simple motion for no probable cause and to void the search warrant as unlawful. These Deep State demons responded with a 99 page panicked answer that was all a cut and paste job of DEEP STATE FAKE NEWS SMEAR they dug up on the Internet…that was mostly about ME! You are only allowed 3500 words and 30 pages or less for appeals and/or responses unless you can show good and lawful reasons why you need the extra length (in my case the violations went on FOREVER!) The 9th acted almost IMMEDIATELY to slap them down, call the DOJ stupid, said their rebuttal was totally UNACCEPTABLE, had little to DO with Melissa, and gave them 21 days to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN…which is unheard of. She gets out o the HALF HELL HOUSE she is in on May 15, and the Oral hearing on her appeal is May 16th.

I waived an oral hearing as all the facts and the law, and their OWN WORDS were enough to set me free.

AND…it turns out the CLERK of the COURT is a FAN OF MINE from the STRANGE UNIVERSE radio show and the old glory days of ART BELL by when COAST TO COAST AM was a viable and LISTENABLE program before the advent of YOU KNOW WHO! SHE was shocked and horrified at what was done to me, and told us that 9th was glacially slow as molasses in Antarctica, and that my documents were in the MOTIONS DEPARTMENT, and it could take UP TO SIX MONTHS to rule on very simple motions…and I had SIX that were very complicated with transcripts and case law that had to all be looked up and checked.

Just FYI…part of what I discovered in all of this is that my FEDERAL CALIFORNIA DISTRICT COURT was in FACT a BUSINESS listed AS a CORPORATION with a DUN AND BRADSTREET NUMBER and a CREDIT RATING. Also that ALL the Fed District courts in this region were SUBSIDIARY S-CORPORATIONS OF the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals…and that even though the 9th’s COURTS are in San Francisco and Pasadena where they hear cases, they are BASED OUT OF RENO, NEVADA, so they don’t have to pay CALIFORNIA STATE TAXES or have anyone look into WHO actually OWNS the CORPORATION!

Also, on the Monday morning of my sentencing hearing, I came into the US Dist. court and notified them that I had filed a WRIT OF MANDAMUS and a WRIT OF CERTIORARI with the US SUPREME COURT and that the hearing must be stayed. Well, they HID my filings and did not put them on the docket until THAT ensuing FRIDAY, which resulted in a WARRANT for my arrest. And when I did not “SHOW” according to them, their DUN AND BRADSTREET CREDIT RATING for that court plummeted!!

So I wondered why? All court cases are turned into BONDS. These BONDS are given CUSIP NUMBERS and lodged with the D.T.C.C.–the Depository TRUST Clearing CORPORATION at 55 Water Street in New York City. So I had a friend who specialized in such things look up my court case. Turns out Judge Steven V. Wilson had created 3 CUSPID NUMBERS out of the cases against us and created bonds that were worth $459 MILLION!! ALSO, that these BONDS were then LISTED as INVESTMENT CAPITAL with our NAMES all over them with FIDELITY MUTUAL TRUST-CANADA (so NO US TAXES) FIDELITY INVESTMENTS in BOSTON and FIDELITY FOR-EX out of NYC….

So you see…THEY HAD TO CONVICT US to CASH OUT THIS MONEY! And they do this every DAY, day in and day out, and I have absolute PROOF of everything I have just said…

So MAY 21, 2019, it will be SIX MONTHS, and I hope the clerk of the court is true to her word, as the 9th, especially with the NEW AND IMPROVED TRUMP JUDGES will have no choice but to rule on my UNCONTESTED MOTIONS…and let me go so this LONG KAFKAESQUE nightmare can finally end.


Dr. Sean-David Morton