To all my friends, family and ANGELS,

Today, November 15th, is Melissa’s birthday.

She is still the sweetest, kindest most beautiful woman I have ever known.

She is only in this mess as the Black Magic forces of evil wanted to get to me, by dragging HER into this hell on Earth, although neither of us did anything wrong, and made the fatal mistake of trusting others.

She has borne the brunt of all the pain and sorrow these Dark Lords have inflicted upon us, losing our home, all our possessions, our beatiful animal “kids” and our very lives.

But she has come through all this with flying colors and a bright wonderful attitude. She has re-recognized all her talents. She is singing again, began playing the piano again (her college degree was in music and she was a concert pianist) and she has gotten her body into amazing shape, shedding over 40 lbs. and is muscular and toned.

So if you can, please send her a card or a gift of some funds on her books via Western Union or Moneygram, something to let her know that she is loved and not forgotten.

Melissa Morton
PO BOX 5300
Adelanto, CA, 92301

No matter what happens with our motions or the up coming appeal, which I am positive we will win, she will be sent to a Half Way House in South Central Los Angeles, about 4 blocks from the WATTS towers in Crip/Blood territory, because her devote Mormon parents refused to take her in because her bishop father didn’t want to store his guns. Imagine that.

So she will need all our love and support to restart her life, so for now send her a card or an email to tell her she is cherished and loved…because I can think of no one on this Earth that deserves it more.

Infinite Blessings

Sean Morton