Dear Friends, Family and Angels,

Hopefully everyone will have received the article about what is going on, and by now we have put in our Motion to END this entire nightmaric farce that the Fed/Gov has been running on us for the last three years.

BE NOT AFRAID! The LORD IS NOT MOCKED! This should all be over for Melissa and I very soon. The wheels of justice grind slow but fine.

Everything will be okay. The House of Representatives has become irrelevant. What did happen was all of the NEVER TRUMP-REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY-RINOs all retired and quit, which really is the only explanation for the Blue Smurf ripple of pee in a pond that you saw with the 26-29 or so “NEW” Democrats that all came in. Most of whom are just dog nuts crazy! I mean I was listening to Jane Harmon who was my democrat congresswoman in California, and she sounded almost SANE compared to this new crop of trolls trudging towards Capital Hill.

The greatest news is that PAUL RYAN is GONE…and we have a glorious true patriot firebrand in JIM JORDON of Ohio ready to take over the Minority Leadership position.

The Demonrats will fall to fighting amongst themselves, the OLD vs. NEW Guard, descending into totally pointless investigations, and fiddle away their measly 2 years in power while Rome burns. They MIGHT get Prison Reform and some Infrastructure projects done, which Trump has wanted all along.

The real power is in the SENATE. Now they will be able to investigate the REAL CRIMES that went down, and appoint 160 NEW FEDERAL JUDGES, that Obama never got around to appointing because he was too busy playing golf, smoking pot and bathing in the behind smooching adulation of the Lame Stream Media. Not to mention the possibility two MORE constitutionalists on the Supreme Court to replace Ruth “I’ve fallen and I can’t get UP” Bader Ginsberg and fellow octogenarian Justice Bryor. These are all lifetime appointments, and will finally change the nature of the judiciary for decades to deal with the Post Constitutional Administrative DEEP STATE, of which my wife and I are both victims.

This will also allow Trump to rule by Executive Order and maybe not get overturned by the courts.

And now that we are DONE with the RINOS like McCAIN and Paul Ryan and their ilk, we have the NEW REPUBLICANS, loyal to what Trump stands for with a new wave of Trump style Republicans ready to replace the Demonrats when they stink the place up so bad in 2 short years. And notice that of the 11 candidates Trump stumped for 9 were elected, and Martha McSally in Arizona didn’t want Trump but got such stellar personalities as George W. Bush and Mittens Romney to promote her…and she might just be going down to defeat to Isis loving, pink tu-tu wearing bi-sexual radical nut job Kyrsten Sinema. Arizona is a truly weird place. And I am just in prison here.


In the rough and tumble primaries of 1980, Ronald Reagan ran against George “Poppy” Bush and called him “an East Coast left wing establishment insider, a proud member of the Trilateralist Commission and an unabashed Rockefeller controlled internationalist!” It would be an understatement to say they didn’t like each other much.

Walter Cronkite was a family friend, and whenever he was in town we would go sailing on my father’s boat, which he loved, and I had an opportunity to pick his brain about his life and experiences behind the scenes. He told me the story about how at the 1980 Republican Convention, it was up to Reagan to pick a running mate. Reagan was about to pick the noble congressman from Orange County, John Schmidtz, a staunch conservative and one of the founders of the John Birch society. THAT PICK would have very much changed history and the trajectory of the Republican party from that point onwards.

Cronkite told me, to my face, that he and Henry Kissinger went backstage at the convention and threatened Reagan who was running two points behind in the polls to Carter at the time if you can believe it. They told him that unless he picked George Bush as his running mate that he, Cronkite, would smear him in the press, and pull a “Goldwater” on him to make Reagan look like the biggest warmonger to come down the pike since Genghis Khan.

Reagan buckled, picked George Bush, and the left wing Rockefeller Eastern Establishment wing of the Republican party, the epitome of everything that Reagan hated, was reborn and revitalized and it has given us all the RINOs that we have had to deal with to this day. It was from that point on that Republicans STOPPED acting like Republicans, and just became warmongering Socialist Party B.

Bush and his Rockefeller cronies tried to assassainate Reagan in 1981, was behind the IRAN/CONTRA deal, began a massive drug operation that brought us crack cocaine, used the CIA to distribute drugs into the USA and especially South Central Los Angeles (see the TV series SNOWFALL) The Mena Arkansas drug operations that became known as AIR AMERICA, and the street price of cocaine and crack dropped to record lows. His presidency gave us wars in Panama, OPERATION: JUST CAUSE (“just CUZ that little F#@er Noriega PISSED ME OFF!”) Then he tricked Hussain into attacking Kuwait leading to Desert Storm, war after war and scandal after scandal.

Bill Clinton and George Bush were business partners in the Mena, ARK drug op, were always really great friends, and linked by Clinton being a secret grandson of Winthrop Rockefeller. I saw a picture of Clinton, Bush and George Wallace all yukking it up at a Bar-B-Que together in 1988….all great pals!

But this lead to George W. Bush and his wars, despotism and near economic collapse, and then THEIR good buddy and Step and Fetch-It Boy Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Obama, who did nothing more than drive the get-away car for the 2008 financial collapse, which was the single greatest bank robbery in the history of MAN, all engineered by the Bush/Rockefeller cartel using the PROMIS II SOFTWARE to collapse the markets, not to mention the insane bloody wars of Obama and Clinton in Libya and across the middle east…

All because Walter Cronkite blackmailed Ronald Reagan.

But suddenly, enter Donald J. Trump. He’s a billionaire, who had a pretty good life. I mean he didn’t need THIS…and all the crap that has come with the presidency. But it could be argued that he is the FIRST president we have had since Nixon, that wasn’t a child molester, drug addict, pot smoker, coke head, or even an alcoholic. And you learn that in American politics NO ONE achieves power without being guilty of some great crime. The powers that be need to HAVE SOMETHING ON YOU…they NEED to be holding the end of your leash to have power over you so you will skip to the lou….and they don’t have any of that on Trump.

Astrologically speaking, when you look at the BIRTH CHART of the UNITED STATES and all the influences leading up to that momentous July 4th signing, Trump came at about the same time as the SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD and the Battle of Lexington in the birth chart of the USA. Don’t get me wrong….there are bad times still ahead, as PLUTO the planet of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION moves through Capricorn which rules BANKS, GOVERNMENTS and STRUCTURES. So imagine a hooded death figure swinging a huge scythe underneath the very structure of our current government and banking structures. So when Pluto gets to 27 degrees Capricorn, which comes several times in the next few years everything will change…and may just be when we see the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET that everyone has been talking about bringing some form of promised prosperity for those who are prepared and saw it coming.

Everyone says that everyone is playing checkers and Trump is playing 3-D Chess….let’s hope they are right! Q-ANON kept saying that the presidentially certified retard Jeff Sessions was the “Stealth Fighter” that was supposed to be working on all the 61,000 sealed Indictments against the DEEP STATE that Trump was going to fill Gitmo and FEMA camps with, turned out to be…well, the just retarded character we all thought he was. So NOTHING that the QANON ALT.RIGHT MEDIA people have hope for has come to pass.

Trump has made some promises we may never see. Promised to lock up Hillary Clinotn and all her pals, and said by the end of his presidency “You will know who was really behind 9-11”.

We are waiting.

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton