Some GOOD NEWS for a change!

I told the story of how I asked the Counsellor here, Mr. Wright, if I could have a cat…mostly as a joke, and he just yelled me out of his office.

Well….NOW I HAVE A CAT…in fact a magnificent SEVEN of them.

So over accross this huge yard is the U.S.P…which is the BIG BAD PRISON that houses 1600 inmates, of the dangerous and real criminal variety.

So a MOTHER CAT had EIGHT KITTENS under a pallate on the loading dock over across the way, and I heard this from a friend that works in the warehouse over there.

One of the kittens had apparently already been killed by a hawk…so I set out to save them.

Under cover of darkness we snuck over and put all the kittens and the MOM in a banana box, and we ran across the yard,l and set them up in this garden area we have here. There is a fenced area that surrounds a ceremonial Sweat Lodge, but all around it is a small irrigation ditch, with flowers, trees and tall grass.

So they have boxes to be raised in, and they can go back and forth thru the fence for protection. They have become a huge hit with the guys, and it has become quite the game for us to get extra food and go down there to feed and play with them all.

It is amazing how the kindness and humanity is brought in these cold hard men, by something as soft and simple as a kitten.

We are thinking up names for them all now.

So shines an act of kindness in a cruel cruel world.

So MIRACLES HAPPEN! And Dreams come true.

Infinite Blessings,