My dearest blessed Friends and Family,

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”~ George Orwell.

My entire life I fought to expose the truth and this is where is has gotten me. My family in the health freedom movement, in my books, in my work in TV on Strange Universe and Hard Copy, bringing to light everything from Area 51 to cures for cancer. And as you can see, I have pissed off some serious people in the DEEP STATE.

Because I refused to re-presented by an ATTORNEY, as that would have violated of my rights and beliefs, it has taken nearly a year to arrange the BRIEFING DATES for my APPEAL! This is our LAST, BEST hope of seeing justice is finally done.

Appellate Lawyers MAY consider you with a $25,000. up front retainer. I know, I asked. So we’re getting an amazing deal, doing so much research and work myself I have a law team, versed in the COMMON LAW and the Constitution, that is quite simply genius and fantastic at what they do. We have a real SHOT HERE to get this ALL DISMISSED AND OVERTURNED!

But they desperately need funds to hold body and soul together to tackle this Herculean task. A MESSAGE from the TEAM and what WINNING this case will accomplish for ALL OF US! :

1. “Through the courts, we are attempting to hold LAW ENFORCEMENT, which is clearly out of control, accountable to the LAW!”
2. “We are trying to create a WIN that will ultimately show others how to write an effective appeal and defense when the government clearly exceeds their authority.” (This will all be included in a book to educate others persecuted!)
3. “We need YOUR HELP to STICK IT TO THE MAN…because research takes months of FULL TIME WORK and the government did SO MANY things wrong, illegal and unjust in this case we want to prove it to the courts with all the proper law and citations in place.”
4. “We are fighting the GOOD FIGHT because the due process of the sacred COMMON LAW is protected by the Constitution and if we don’t USE IT to protect our RIGHTS…EVERYONE’S RIGHTS…we will lose them to frivolous government overreach.” The Supreme Court ruling in “HAMDI v RUMSFELD” says that all of us are entitled to a traditional COMMON LAW CRIMINAL PROCEEDING and we intend to hold the courts to this standard because it’s the ONLY law that protects ALL OF OUR RIGHTS. The Government denies the right to traditional COMMON LAW criminal proceedings in 99% of cases unless you bring it up and KNOW HOW TO PROVE it was denied. Sean and Melissa were denied this and WE THE PEOPLE can’t let them get away with this.

The Come Unity Trust Foundation needs $1500. To do the full appeal brief for me, which is due soon!!

So if I have ever entertained you or educated you or made you laugh or cry or think or expanded your mind and horizons at all ever I hope you will consider helping us. I did 5 years on the radio as a volunteer 5 days a week. If I can’t get 15 of my friends to contribute $100 apiece then everything I have done with my life is a complete failure, and I deserve to rot here or just give up and join the Bardo and move on to my next existence.

So with my begging bowl in hand, asking everyone I know, I plead with you to help us. I will keep a RUNNING TAB on the blog of who contributed what and how much we need as this goes along.

If you can find it in your hearts and souls and want to FREE those unjustly imprisoned, persecuted and enslaved, and want to build major treasure in HEAVEN, burn off massive amounts of Karma and store a grand, goodly stack of DHARMA to free the innocent then help us. Assure your place on the Lord’s Right Hand on Judgment Day with the blessed sheep with your loving sacred charity.

Make all contributions via PayPal:

Community Trust Foundation
PayPal Email:

I have done something grand and wonderful indeed to be blessed with friends such as all of you!

So thank you all again for your grace and wisdom and love and generosity. I will pay everyone back when we are freed…and we WILL be freed…but ONLY with YOUR HELP will true justice be done, for ALL OF US!

Infinite Blessing!

Sean Morton