I was astrologically planned to be born on October 1st, at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. I was born 4 days EARLY (cuz I wanted to get the HELL out of THERE!) as my father wanted me born on HIS birthday, Oct. 5th….of course he also wanted to name me GERRY…..EEEWWWWW!

My SISTER was astrologically planned as well, and SHE was born on my mother’s birthday of April 4th…and they BOTH turned out to be hateful, spite filled venomous demons! Our trail was April 4th…which I always thought was my mother’s revenge from the GRAVE!

I didn’t cry. I just looked around, no doubt thinking, “DAMMIT! Back HERE…AGAIN!” My grandmother Ruth thought I was a magic child…much to mother’s objections that I was Lucifer incarnate (maybe THAT is where Melissa’s parents got that from!)

But having a DIGITAL BIRTH of 10-01 prepared me for the Computer AGE! As I was also born the SAME DAY as NASA…even stranger as I grew UP surrounded by American Heroes like Gus Grissom, Alan Sheppard, Gordon Cooper and all the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronaughts. My dad was PR director for TRW who built MOST of the NASA hardware, I got to go to launches and seminars, and learned everything I could about space and the moon! In fact I was one semester shy of a DEGREE in ASTRONOMY at USC.

October is just a MAGIC MONTH and MYSTICAL TIME! FOOTBALL! FESTIVALS! ROCTOBER! OCTOBERFEST! THE HARVEST! LOTS OF BEER AND CELEBRATION! COME ON! IT IS THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! PUMPKINS and PUMPKIN SPICE, and the magic glow of sunsets and all that magnificent ORANGE! And it ENDS with a HUGE PARTY where we get to dress up as anyone we can DREAM of being, and honor the spirits of our deadly departed dead…and pray for their reincarnation and return!

We still celebrate it because in the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA stands the prophecy in the sacred geometry that on October 31, of 2039 AD that the RE-INCARNATION of the QUICK AND THE DEAD would begin…Earth would become once again a SACRED SCHOOL and the MESSIAH would return to welcome all the dearly departed HOME once again…which is the REAL meaning of ALL SAINTS DAY (Celtic NEW YEAR’S DAY! ) on November 1st.

But ALSO October 1st WAS the CELTIC NEW YEAR! As the year used to only HAVE 10 months, until the Ceasers added JULIUS-July and AUGUSTUS-AUGUST….So Oct. 1 was really JANUARY 1…and that is why it was the Celtic new year and even now is the beginning of the FISCAL YEAR!

And Libra is unique for being the only INORGANIC MACHINE in the zodiac….a set of measuring scales. The Scales were the symbol of the ANUBIS, the Jackal headed god that weighed the souls of the dead against the white feather of the Ma’at…and if you took yourself TOO seriously or were weighed DOWN by your sins, you were fed to Baba the SOUL EATER and pooped back onto the Earth…which is no doubt why we live in a world of shiite! The ANUBIS later became CHRISTIANIZED as the ARC ANGEL MICHAEL…but he still carries the SCALES and the SWORD with a chain and Satan beneath his feet.

Libra is a MASCULINE CARDINAL SIGN…but it is ruled by the ULTIMATE FEMALE PLANET VENUS, with makes Libras beautiful, charming but also a bit sexually confused! And even the SIGN of Libra is a double entendre as though it LOOKS like a set of SCALES, it is ALSO the symbol of the setting SUN as the wonderful cooling days and nights moving into fall become of equal length and we see and FEEL the true balance between light and darkness…learning that one is not BETTER than the other, but that they are DIFFERENT with different purpose and challenges, like ying and yang, male and female, and we are absorbed into the Tao of the beauty between Brilliance and Shadow….

The horror for me is that I have had to spend my last two birthdays now in prison, because I was fighting for something that I truly believed, and I was was trying to HELP and FREE others from the chains and shackles of the oppressive slave based system that we are in. I was given this as a prophecy from the Nadi Leaves of Madras India, where the Pandit-ji warned me that at 58 I would be imprisoned for a short time.

Also, astrologically, I knew that I have SATURN in the 10th house, which is called a NAPOLEONIC SATURN (Nixon had this as well) and that in this life I would rise to great heights, only to be enslaved by the forces of fascism and evil that I have been killed by in Life after life. But as Napoleon had his ELBA and his St. Helena that I would live to fight another day and ultimately rise again to new and greater heights…

Pray for me this happens. And wish me a Happy…and HAPPIER TO COME…Birthday!

Infinite Blessings!

Sean David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734