they are showing 48 hours of THE X-FILES This week on TV…


Want to know how DEEP the CONSPIRACY GOES to put me where I am now?

1. Brett Kavanaugh was the SCOTUS NOMINEE, just as I predicted.

2. I predicted he would CLEAR the SENATE VOTE by 53. I was wrong. It was only 50 as one Republican thought his daughter’s wedding was more important than saving America and doing his job. I suppose I should have warned you that the Demonrats would be true to form and pull every RAT out of the moldy hat!

Since the days of Female Enslavement…er, sorry, WOMEN’S LIBERATION, NOW women have been WEAPONIZED and are being USED to smear anyone. The part they didn’t realize is that this movement would take out THEIR Beloved liberal darlings FIRST: COSBY, Moonves, Weinstein, etc.

And AGAIN, the whole new WEAPONIZED WOMEN thing should have been more thought out…like…there ARE no BLACK PANTHERS…IN AFRICA!

The symbol of their activism is the HASHTAG….#.

But BEFORE it was a HASHTAG on a telephone when I was a kid we called it the POUND sign. RIGHT? Right! So the very MOTTO and MANTRA of their “movement” is now:


(pause for laughter, snickers and applause)

Also….TRUTH: Julian Assange is about to RELEASE INFO on Hillary showing she SOLD military secrets to various countries like Saudi Arabia and Yemen…OCTOBER 20th….

TRUTH: I have PERSONALLY CHECKED on the legal service PACER and there ARE 51,709 SEALED INDICTMENTS just SITTING there waiting to be activated and used. And when the FEDS SEAL an indictment, you can BET some body is goin to JAIL, but this is never going to happen under the Presidentially Certified Mentally Retarded Attorney General Jeffy (needs psychiatric) Sessions….so watch for THAT to change….HMMMM….TREY GOWDY? Lindsey Graham?


Kavanaugh in his hearings ADMITTED that the US has been under MARTIAL LAW since Sept. 11, 2001…and that “The president has extraordinary powers in times of MARTIAL LAW!” HE SAID IT! CHECK THE RECORD!

Will Donald J. Trump FINALLY make GOOD on his Campaign promise to: LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP? WE WILL SEE! RED OCTOBER! 4000 arrests were made in SO CAL in the ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNITY and NOBODY NOTICED!


Tricky Dick Nixon had an ENEMIES list of about 50 people…and Kissinger had bugged a couple of hotel rooms at the Watergate trying to find out WHO was going to be the DEM NOMINEE in ’72…which Nixon then covered up and RESIGNED because of it (he was never impeached).

Barack Husain Obama….literally BUGGED THE ENTIRE WORLD and then WEAPONIZED the IRS to go after TENS OF THOUSANDs of his political opponents in the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT (and HE’S OUR HERO!) …and DEMANDED that his IRS and DOJ under LOIS LERNER and Eric (With)HOLDER, find a way to PROSECUTE these political opponents or ANYONE that was trying to stop him in 2012.

Then LERNER and HOLDER stonewalled Congress, IGNORED Congressional subpoenas and refused to give Congressional investigators ANY EMAILS or ANY evidence of all their wrong doing and what they had done. This was at the SAME TIME in the SAME offices of the SAME people that went after US….CONGRESS ORDERED them to preserve and turn over emails….which they then TRIED TO DESTROY, and then got CAUGHT, in sheer CONTEMPT of CONGRESS.

This was the CITIZENS UNITED CASE aTea Party PAC. Well the IRS ADMITTED that they targeted these groups and HARASSED THEM, by fining them and REJECTING their paperwork, and either delayed or flat out DENIED applications of non-profit political groups in order to STIFLE CONSERVATIVE GRASS ROOTS POLITICAL ACTIONS and to stuff all FREE SPEECH of the political forces who were foes of OBAMA in order to win election in 2012. They Targeted ANYTHING with the WORDS: JEWISH, ISRAEL, AMERICA, TAX or FREEDOM.

In our case it was at THE SAME TIME and with THE EXACT SAME MOTIVES!

They CLOSED this HUGE IRS SCANDAL and LERNER and HOLDER and OBAMA used the STONEWALLING of the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF GOVT. and somehow managed to totally SHUT DOWN this massive criminal investigation. This was to the dismay of, and in complete IGNORANCE of the Senate and House Republicans who demanded a SPECIAL COUNSEL for the investigation of the DemonRats who flat out ADMITTED they were out to STIFLE and HARASS and DESTROY any and ALL individuals, media or POLITICAL GROUPS that opposed Obama and promoted FREEDOM….


Exhibit A: The IRS SCANDAL made the US CONGRESS PROMISE THE PEOPLE that there would be a thorough and complete CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the DEEP STATE DEPT. of JUSTICE…but, true to FORM, OBAMA, Holder and the DOJ PROTECTED THEIR CRONIES and CLOSED any and ALL Criminal investigations, refusing to open any of them again on…OCTOBER 28, 2015.

On November 2, 2015, five days later, they began INPUTS on OUR RECORD, and on November 3rd they took a SCREENSHOT and on November 4th….they got their SEALED INDICTMENT AGAINST US….ONE WEEK TO THE DAY of CLOSING DOWN the CONGRESSIONAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into THEIR LAWBREAKING and WRONG DOING against the American People.

Is this a coincidence? You decide.

We also were USED as THE VICTIMS in three separate cases against the TAX PREPARERS that did all of our tax forms FOR US! Again…WE were used as victims to convict THEM…and then WE were gone after as the PERPETRATORS of the scheme.

So does the DOJ and the US GOVERNMENT have a vested interest IN CONVICTING VICTIMS??? CUZ APPARENTLY THEY DO.

Prosecutrix Valerie Makawitz lied over and over and over that we were THE PERPETRATORS and ARCHITECTS behind the 1099-OID “Scheme” (all the IRS’s paperwork by the way). Men who taught seminars all over the country, to thousands of people, and in fact FILED tax documents for 459 clients…and not just a married couple who attended their seminars and are charged with conspiracy, false claims and filing false instruments that THESE MEN FILED ON OUR BEHALF.

So in doing my own Appellate Brief…the PRISON denied me ANY PHONES CALLS or ANY OUTSIDE CONTACT with anyone doing LEGAL RESEARCH or helping me on the OUTSIDE, so this has been a mind and soul crushing amount of WORK AND RESEARCH…but I think I have a REALLY GREAT AND BLESSED CHANCE to transmute all this DARKNESS INTO LIGHT….

Pray for me…along with everyone else as I am open to guidance and support from the benevolent ANGELS while this gets all wrapped up!



Dr. Sean-David Morton