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On the MONDAY, APRIL 2nd, 2018, radio program on REVOLUTION RADIO and the WOLF SPIRIT RADIO NETWORK with your fantastic host Jay Pee ( I am not sure if the show is even called STRANGE UNIVERSE anymore, which is COPYRIGHTED by the way) I made the bold prediction that President Donald Trump would STOP the 1,000 or so marchers heading to towards the US BORDER, by taking the unprecedented action of sending THE US MILITARY to the BORDER to stop them.

I said There was also the possibility that bloodshed would ensue in an ARMED STANDOFF.

You can listen to the archive of the interview on I think, or where ever FINE radio programs are ARCHIVED for ETERNITY!

The next day, this prediction STUNNINGLY came true! And you can see that it is all they have been talking about on the news all week. Some history on this would be appropriate.

What started the Mexican/American war and ultimately led to the deaths of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Battle of the Alamo were citizens of the US Union ILLEGALLY moving into TEXAS and COLONIZING IT, which was all part of MEXICO at the time.

Please correct me if my history is incorrect here, but I believe that HARRISON was in a three way tie to become president of the UNITED STATES. When this happens and there is no clear winner for President, it passes to the US CONGRESS to pick the winner. Harrison made a deal with the Southern Democrats that he would FINALLY, after 23 years, withdraw UNION FORCES from the occupied South, IF they voted him in as president.

It worked, and we got the POSSE COMITATUS ACT, which finally withdrew the UNION FORCES from the SOUTH, and forbade the military forces of the United States from every occupying or operating within the territory of the Sovereign States. Plus they had other things to do like killing Mormons and Native Americans and generally terrorizing the newly colonized Western Territories.

The sole exception to Posse Comitatus is the Lone Star Republic of TEXAS. TEXAS under the Treaty of Hidalgo, only belongs to the Union via a treaty that they ceremonial sign every two years. In fact Gov. Rick Perry threatened numerous times to quit the Union and NOT sign the treaty…which of course never happened. But none the less the LONE STAR REPUBLIC FLAG of TEXAS MUST FLY at the SAME HEIGHT as that of the US FLAG and she is EQUAL TO the Fed Gov and recognized as a Sovereign Republic. So SHOULD push come to shove, Texas could easily suceede from the UNION every 2 years.

At the turn of the century Texas was being raided by the bandit Poncho Via, who was stealing, robbing and raping along the border with Mexico. The Feds called upon Col. George S. Patton and his commander General “Black Jack” Pershing to STOP THE RAIDS! When Pershing was asked if he would chase the banditos into Mexico, he said, “Where America Goes, that is where the Green GOES!” as the US Army wore exclusively GREEN UNIFORMS…and they have called us GREEN-GOES ever since.

The US MILITARY was also USED, LEGALLY, to murder over 90 women and children at WACO…so good for them! So those are the limitations on the use of the UNITED STATES MILITARY, which our forefathers NEVER envisioned ever being used in its current form! Military power rested exclusively with the STATES, and the CONGRESS had to ASK the STATES to commit their NATIONAL GUARDS to any WAR declared by the CONGRESS….

So what does all this mean for Trump. Outside of Texas, he must ask the Governors of the States to commit their NATIONAL Guards (as the SOVEREIGN STATES are the NATIONS of the UNION) under the Governors to help protect the borders of the States. The question is going to be IF Gov. Jerry “MOONBEAM” BROWN is going to play along, or create a serious stand off with the Feds, who are already threatening to cut off his Fed funding for these criminal SANCTUARY CITES.

California is close to becoming VENEZUELA! the STATE BRAGS that it has issued over 2 million drivers licenses to ILLEGAL INVADERS, and with that in almost ALL DISTRICTS comes the right to USE your Driver’s License to VOTE…and do you think it is just coincidence that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in California by 2 MILLION??? They are not ILLEGAL ALIENS…they are all just UNREGISTERED DEMOCRATS!

Meanwhile Californians are being taxed to death, as illegal invaders cost the state over $60 BILLION a year, RAMPANT DRUGS and CRIME, and now only 44% of California households speak ENGLISH as a FIRST LANGUAGE within the home…and so it goes.

At the Tucson Federal Satellite Camp where I am, there are a number of former DEA, BORDER PATROL, POLICE and ICE AGENTS that are here for any number of reasons. And I interviewed several of them and asked, “What will happen when all these troops are sent to the border?” Now I was told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that this is the LAST thing they want!! Because of all the corruption, and that THEY are all cooperating with the CIA, the Mexican Government and the Mexican drug cartels to let illegal invaders and drugs into the USA in the first place. Money at stake is ASTRONOMICAL!!

The Mexican Govt. is actively participating IN and ENCOURAGING all these illegals. Why? because they come into the USA, they then can vote in both US ELECTIONS and MEXICAN ELECTIONS AS WELL! In fact their Presidential candidates conduct HUGE rallies in downtown LA, because they can ALL VOTE IN MEXICO! And the INVADERS HERE use WESTERN UNION to send all the money they make HERE, not in the US, but back to their families in MEXICO!!!

If Trump wants the MEXICANS to pay for the wall, all he must do is ENFORCE all the laws on employers here in the USA…then TAX a TARIFF on WESTERN UNION for the BILLIONS that are sent into Mexico each year.

And by TRUMP putting all these extra troops and “Eyes and boots” on the border, he is going to STOP the KICK BACKS to the BORDER PATROL, ICE, DEA, etc. and stop a huge influx of drug money into the coffers of the CIA! DRAINING THE SWAMP!

Starting to get the picture here??


1. Watch for a HUGE EXPLOSION in the middle EAST…I am picking up SYRIA, as if we manage to put ISIS all in ONE PLACE and blow them to SMITHEREENS using an ATOMIC or MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS…BOMB, called a MOAB! I get that there is one LAST HUGE BATTLE which Trump will claim destroys ISIS (another creation of OBAMA/CLINTON/CIA actions) once and for all, before US TROOPS pull out. Remember that the MILITARY is IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING NOW….

2. FORCES of the KNIGHTS OF MALTA are going to move against the POPE! One way or another Pope Francis is in big trouble and it seems to be either a PHYSICAL or POLITICAL ASSASSINATION of the Pope in MAY….watch MAY 13 as a focus point. But one could say the walls start crumbling down on the Catholic Church…but it has been around for 1700 years and it has weathered worse…but HUGE scandals ROCKING the VATICAN and POPE FRANCIS to his very core…

3. Also in MAY ISRAEL will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the so-called JEWS RETURNING TO ZION! There are THREE numbers for what are considered Biblical generations in the Bible: 30 years, 40 years and 70 YEARS! I used to sit next to HAL LINDSEY author of THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH every night in Bible class in Houston, Texas. And if you remember all the hulabaloo around the year 1988…being 40 years since the JEWS RETURN TO ZION, and the Tribulation Prophecies coming true…well THIS YEAR IS IT! So will we see a huge EARTHQUAKE destroy the DOME OF THE ROCK, the Moslem Mosque on the TEMPLE MOUNT? The complete materials to REBUILD the THIRD TEMPLE OF SOLOMON all sit in a Jerusalem warehouse, and the perfect RED HEIFERS for sacrifice are all ready to go! One way or another, ISRAEL because the focal point for all this PROPHECY and PREDICTION to come to pass…OR NOT…but it MUST BE THIS YEAR! So MAY 2018 to MAY 2019 will see miraculous things happening in Jerusalem, and it is no mistake that The USA has MOVED ITS EMBASSY THERE!

4. The STOCK and HOUSING MARKETS continue to be volatile with URANUS IN TAURUS! And if you wonder why FACEBOOK and AMAZON and GOOGLE are about to take huge hits, along with the decimation of CRYPTO CURRENCY, it is due to SATURN IN CAPRICORN and URANUS IN TAURUS…BOTH earth signs and BOTH grounding out the AQUARIUS ENERGY (which rules computers) and all this INTERNET stuff…..SOMETHING has to come along to REPLACE FACEBOOK and GOOGLE that is SECURE and NOT controlled by these FASCIST TECHNO-OLIGARCHS who want nothing more than to be the ORWELLIAN 1984 MINISTRY OF TRUTH, tossing everything that does not agree with their sicko death based homo-spasmatic anti-American counter culture. One why or another, EITHER by ENFORCEMENT OF FEDERAL MONOPOLY LAWS, or clowns like Zuckerberg GOING TO JAIL or RESIGNING, you are about to FINALLY see the END of TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, and the rest of these monsters in their current form for good!

The GREAT thing would be if some entrepreneurs saw the opportunity here, and came up with a SECURE GLOBAL system to compete with them…but the SHIFT IS COMING! BE READY!

And in the book of MATTHEW, the Story is told that on judgment day the LORD divides the SHEEP on his RIGHT HAND and the evil goats on his left! And goats howl, “When were you SICK? When were you hungry? WHEN WERE YOU IN PRISON!” And the LORD SAID “If you have done this for the LEAST OF my flock, then you have done this FOR ME!”

All you have our love, and we need your support in this our darkest hour!


Dr. Sean-David Morton