Dear Beloved friends,

Every sentient being, on every inhabited planet in the Universe, gathers together for warmth and comfort and camaraderie and big hugs for one another on the Winter Solstice, at Christmas, on the longest night of the year….because they know that they must all congratulate each other for finally being…

…half-way out of the dark.

In this American Gulag where they have cast me as an example and a deterrent to others so none of you will, in the future, stand up for your rights, and never stand up against their tyranny, they have taken my home, my family and all my possessions and have tried to break me.

Give up! Give in everybody! Look at his example…”Look what we did to HIM…and HE was the best of you! And LOOK! Everyone has betrayed him, for our campaign of slander and libel and smear has worked so WELL! Even his loved ones and so called “FRIENDS” have turned against him and robbed him blind! SO…SIT…DOWN! ALL OF YOU!”

Everything they have done to me, you can see every day on the news, is what they are doing to the President and all of his friends as well. The Department of Injustice needs to be totally and utterly cleansed, and we can only hope that the 63,399 sealed indictments on tap have all the deep state players names on them.

If there is any honor and any justice left in the court system, I will be done with all this soon, and be able to put it all behind me.

And I could not have survived any of this this without your generosity, love, support and friendship.

So Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Quick! Make a wish upon a star so all your dreams come true!

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton