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So Jamal Khashoggi walks into the Saudi Arabian CONSULATE IN TURKEY and the CRAZIEST THINGS HAPPEN….

I did a REMOTE VIEWING OF THIS and I am putting the pieces together on WHAT this is all about by connecting the DOTS.

So this is all INTUITIVE and SPECULATIVE on my part…but it is the ONLY story that makes SENSE of this.

As you know the KING and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia have been huge reformers, especially in the field of women’s rights, and in finally diversifying the Saudi Portfolio into multi billion dollar investments with Richard Branson and Elon Musk and Jeff Besos, etc.

What the mainstream media has not…and WILL NOT COVER…is that the October 1st, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas was a COVER UP for an assassination attempt on the life of the SAUDI CROWN PRINCE!

The top four floors of the hotel where the shooting was done from are owned by THE FOUR SEASONS which is OWNED by the SAUDIS and the CROWN PRINCE was staying there when the shooting happened. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE! The man they blamed and “COMMITTED SUICIDE” was nothing more than the ARMS DEALER providing weapons for the REAL SHOOTERS!

When the PRINCE was NOT AT THE HOTEL and the entire operation went WRONG, the mercenaries shot out TWO WINDOWS and began to FIRE on the crowd below in order to create chaos and cover their escape.

Now I may be wrong, but I BELIEVE that Jamal Khashoggi is related to the Saudi Arms dealer ADNAN Khashoggi, husband of PIA ZADORA, and that JAMAL and ADNAN may have had something to do with the Las Vegas incident, and be NECK DEEP in a series of assassination attempts on the King and Crown Prince….

Therefore, I believe THAT was why he was lured to the Embassy in Turkey, where he was tortured and questioned, and died accidently. He was then chopped up, taken to be buried somewhere else, and a CLEANING crew was seen coming into the Embassy just before investigators were given access….

This is the only scenario that makes sense. IF the Saudis up the price of OIL to $100 or $200 a barrel…then this would cause a BOOM in AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION and SALES as the USA under Trump has now become the largest exporter of oil in the world!

Infinite Blessings to you all! AKBAR INSHALLAH!

Dr. Sean-David Morton