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Okay, I told you this was going to be a GIGANTIC YEAR in ISRAEL…other then the flashy disco “COME VACATION IN JERUSALEM! HAVE A BLAST OF A TIME!” There is nowhere like that that I SAW and the people are NOT THAT GORGEOUS and NOT THAT HAPPY! Israelis are all miserable RUSSIANS mostly….BUT I DID WALK ON THE WATER AT THE SEA OF GALLILEE AS OUR LORD JESUS DID! (you mere mortals call it….water skiing!)

But there are 3 Biblical GENERATIONS: 30, 40 and 70 years, and on MAY 10th, 2018 BEGAN the 70th year of the
“JEWS RETURNING TO ZION”…IF you believe ISRAEL is ZION or the people THERE, all from EASTERN EUROPE are REALLY they have little or NO relation to the tribes of Benjamin, JUDAH and LEVI that were left behind in Israel after the great dispersal of the 10 Tribes who split after the Israeli Civil War in the book of LAMENTATIONS and went to the Caucus Mountains then spread across Russia and Europe.

Please remember that Jerusalem has been TOTALLY DESTROYED 39 times in recorded history…so GOD must have something against the place.(The REAL mountain of Moses and the 10 Commandments etc. is actually in JORDAN, NOT SINAI…and the Hebrews fled from Heliopolis…not THEBES/LUXOR into the SWAMP of the REED SEA…not the RED SEA!)

But right on schedule TRUMP relocated the US EMBASSY to Jerusalem and recognized it as the capital of ISRAEL even though the city is split between the Jews and Palestinians who control half the Mt. of Olives and sacred sites like Bethlehem…and the Israelis took Jerusalem during the 6 Day War in violation of the UN Treaty that created the country in the first place.

One of the requirements of prophecy that needs to happen is the birth of a genetically PURE RED HEIFER which must be sacrificed on the altar of the NEW SOLOMON’S TEMPLE! WELL…LO and BEHOLD! HERE SHE IS! and whether or not it was from genetic engineering or not THE PURE RED HEIFER WAS JUST BORN!

Now they had a red heifer in 2006…but it turned out she had a white shock of hair on her forehead(BUZZZZ! IMPURE!)…and another was born in 1999…but was a BULL CALF…oops!

Now, in order for all this prophecy to happen the THIRD TEMPLE OF SOLOMON must be REBUILT! The FIRST TEMPLE was destroyed by Pharaoh Shushack in 486 BC (see RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK for more details!)

The second Temple was built by HEROD THE GREAT circ 33 BC or so…along with MASADA and lots of other forts and temples, but was TOTALLY DESTROY…and I mean DES–TROOOYED by the ROMANS between 66 and 148 AD. In fact HADRON turned the location into the central sewer for the city and leveled the whole place…not a STONE was left upon a STONE…just like Jesus SAID would happen…

So all that is left is the WESTERN “WAILING” WALL…and right dead center…like a HUGE MIDDLE FINGER to the Jews is the Al Aquba Mosque or the DOME OF THE ROCK. It is supposed to be the third most sacred place in ISLAM…and some say Mohammed ASCENDED from there (garbage!) but all I have ever found was that he stopped to have tea there one day!

BUT….I have been saying for YEARS…that the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON is NOT WHERE THEY THINK IT WAS! and NOW the popular belief is that the main temple was NOT built where the DOME SITS but to the NORTH instead of the WEST! That the Wailing Wall was the abuttment of the ROMAN OFFICES that OVERLOOKED the temple courtyard.

If this is TRUE and Jews and archeologists CONFIRM THAT THEORY…then they can build the temple without disturbing the DOME…OR murderously pissing off 1.7 BILLION MUSLIMS! OR…it gets knocked over by an EARTHQUAKE and the Israelis just start building it anyway.

ALL OF THE BUILDING MATERIALS to build and COMPLETE THE 3rd TEMPLE have been sitting in warehouses all over Israel, ready and waiting for the fateful DAY that building begins.

WAIT AND SEE…but THIS is the year for so much of this prophecy to come true…and they have till MAY of 2019 before it runs out! OR until that adorable Red Heifer becomes a full fledged cow…(the fate of many Israeli women as well….sorry!)


Each of the 4 jets that took off that fateful day had a capacity of 239 persons. Ticketing was manipulated so that there were 222 people on all four planes, which means ALL the PASSENGERS could have been loaded into ONE AIRCRAFT!

The jets that hit the towers had no windows, were 60 feet LONGER than the 737s that took off, and had MISSILE PACKAGES MOUNTED under the body and right wings of the plane.

In slow motion you can actually SEE a missile launch from the nose of one of the planes before it strikes.

Fl. 93 left a big hole and went into a COAL MINE…so no debris field.

Wreckage from the PENTAGON was from a BOEING DRONE…video showed it to BE that…and where are the bodies? Well the SAME “BONE DOCTORS” that “EXAMINED” the bodies of the murdered women and children at WACO…were the SAME DOCTORS called in to examine the “bodies” from the Pentagon crash.

CNN commentator Barbra Olsen, called here husband TED from her MAGIC CELL PHONE…which somehow WORKED…from a PLANE in 2001. SHE was the only info we had about “ARAB TERRORISTS” Ted changed his story 6 times about HOW he was contacted. Barbara had written a book called “ROAD TO HELL” about Hillary Clinton..standing in the way of her becoming PRESIDENT.( you know what happened to THOSE people! And she STILL DIDN’T WIN! haha)

My contacts claimed that OLSEN was pulled out the line up before all the passengers were SHOT at Andrews AFB in a deal for Ted Olsen’s cooperation with the cover up.

Investigator SHERMAN SKOLNICK followed Ted Olsen to a clinic in Switzerland where he was meeting with a mysterious woman Skolnick claimed was Babs after plastic surgery. Skolnick was murdered. Ted mysterious “died” sometime later.

Hundreds of million on GOLD BULLION was stolen from the basement of WTC 7. PHOTOS of FIREMEN in the empty vaults with gates wide open and all the gold GONE were only released 10 years later. ALSO THE PLOT of DIEHARD 3

In the MASSIVE 911 report on the “9-11 attack” WTC 7 was not mentioned ONCE!

Larry SILVERSTEIN, the owner, claimed HE somehow ORDERED WTC 7 to be “pulled” or blown up! whereas a controlled demo takes months of planning and millions in permits etc. but it just mysteriously BLEW UP!

A BBC correspondent reported on the “TRAGEDY” of the collapse of WTC-7, although it was STILL THERE…RIGHT BEHIND HER, and would NOT BLOW UP for another 45 minutes.

THEORY: I am convinced that THE FOURTH AIRCRAFT…possibly Fl. 93, was supposed to hit WTC-7 and something happened to it. They HAD to blow the building to cover up the theft of the GOLD…and Dick Cheney probably said “EFF IT! BLOW THE M@!%$ F!#$ER UP ANYWAY! NO ONE WILL NOTICE!” In fact Rudy Gulliani was using WTC-7 as his command HQ and he and his staff were filmed running from the building before it blew at about 3.30 PM.

A woman reported men on a rooftop across from her apartment setting up camera equipment well before hand, filming the attack and celebrating afterwards. This led to the ARREST of these men and deportation of 147 ISRAELI AGENTS that were using a rug cleaning company as cover in the USA…NOTHING was mentioned about this in the MSM.

A SUITE of exotic weapons was used on WTC 1 and 2. Thermite strips were placed in the support beams from the 30th to 66th floors, all triggered from the elevator system, all placed there by MARVIN PIERCE BUSH, who was responsible for the retrofit after the ’93 basement car bombing. But that doesn’t EXPLAIN the VAPORIZATION of the INNER STEEL CORE! A mysterious STORM took place 50 miles off the coast…and HERE the US NAVY bounced a SCALAR WAVE WEAPONS off a hardened shell in the atmosphere using HARP TECH to literally MELT the infrastructure of what ever was left after the detonation of the thermite strips which sliced the supporting structures. YOU CAN SEE THIS ON YOUTUBE! And it explains why CARS for BLOCKS AROUND were melted to SLAG all around ground zero.

Of the 19 hijackers….7 are still alive and doing very well thank you.

The FOUR AIRCRAFT that were “BLOWN UP” that day…were never DECOMMISSIONED by the FAA…and if you check the REGISTRATION NUMBERS ON THE PLANES…all FOUR were sold to GREECE and are still flying to THIS DAY!!

THEORY: THE ONLY way to pull this off is that ALL FOUR PLANES were ordered to land at ANDREWS AFB and were replaced mid-air by remotely flown aircraft drone aircraft, which would explain the “trick” maneuvers and the stunning G forces pulled on the turns. NORAD would simply ORDER the civilian aircraft to land and they would have to comply.

The “PLANE” that hit the Pentagon hit in the location of the offices that were investigating $23 TRILLION that had just “VANISHED” from the Pentagon budget! (Wanna know where it went? READ SANDS OF TIME VOL. 1, 2, & 3! Also tells you why they killed JFK.)

That same PLANE was clocked doing 637 mph only 6 ft. off the ground. A photo of the IMPACT was on the front page of the LA TIMES. VIDEO was later released from traffic CAMS that showed it was a BOEING GLOBAL HAWK drone…THE ENGINE that was recovered was 6 ft by 3ft….again…Global Hawk drone…the HOLE it made was only 16 ft. wide….Sooooo…where are the wings, where is the debris field and WHERE DID ALL THE PEOPLE GO????

When the first plane struck everyone was being evacuated from BOTH TOWERS when a voice came over the PA system that “EVERYTHING IS FINE! GO BACK TO WORK! RETURN TO YOUR OFFICES! RETURN TO YOUR OFFICES!” So the LEMMINGS went BACK INSIDE and died….maybe this was Darwinianism at work.

The janitor that heard explosions in the basement WELL BEFORE the 1st plane struck…was hounded out of this country and is STILL in hiding in Venezuela.

The SILVERSTEIN GROUP had a meeting schedule for Sept. 24, 2001, with NY Gov. Cuomo, Gulliani and head of the EPA Christine Todd Whitman…to discuss how the Twin Towers were going broke, and they wanted to turn the entire middle sections of both towers into residential housing. However, this could NOT be done because everything in those towers, being built in the 1970s, was coated with asbestos, a known carcinogen. Deflocking all the inner beams would have bankrupted the company….but….911 worked out for EVERYBODY! Silverstein…the JESUITS GOT THEIR WAR ON ISLAM…the Military Industrial COMPLEX…cuz all that PEACE is just bad for business!

And finally, the SILVERSTEIN GROUP had a deal with the city for subway service. For every DAY the subway did not stop at the WORLD TRADE CENTER STATION, Silverstein was paid $150,000…PER DAY! By NYC!!!! That station finally opened once again on SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 2018…17 years later….do the math….

And REALLY last but not least a construction worker friend of mine worked on the NEW World Trade Center, and said NONE of the workers wanted to go to the 66th to 75th floor as they believed they were haunted by the souls of the DEAD still confused and trapped there!

It goes on and on…ad nauseum, etc. etc…..and of course…etc.

CANDIDATE Donald Trump made the statement “Before my term is over you will all finally KNOW what happened on 911.”

Rope is cheap…we shall see if someone finally swings for this.


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