Dear Loved Ones,

I am sorry I did not make the radio show on Monday. The HAVALINAS (Spanish for the big hairy pigs that we feed in the yard…slang for the COPS) came LITERALLY running here like they were chasing someone yelling, “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! INTO THE CHOW HALL! EVERYBODY OUT!” and they tossed our lockers and brought in DRUG DOGS…aaaaaannnnnd….yet again….found nothing.

Just a joke. BUT they need to act all tough and remind us we are in prison every now and then.

I went into Counselor Wright’s office to today and asked him if we could have a cat.


“You know, a cat. We could feed her and clean up after her, and she could trade off on who she sleeps with to make this place feel more like home….”


the look on his face was worth it.

All I have predicted is now transpiring the on the US BORDER! REMEMBER WHEN I TOLD YOU ALL THIS BACK IN APRIL?


OBAMA ordered the separation of FAMILIES back in 2014 and for the CHILDREN to be KEPT INDEFINITELY…as PUNISHMENT against those trying to come across the BORDER.

In order to put an END to this cruel practice The 9th Circuit Court ruled and DEMANDED that children could only be separated from their parents for 20 days during the ASYLUM PROCESS. This is the LAW that is currently being followed.

Now TRUMP is backed into a CORNER…as IF he signs an EXECUTIVE ORDER that stops the practice, he is violating the LAW and going against both CONGRESS and the 9th Circ. order…for which he opens his Admin. up to being SUED.

Meanwhile, to add vileness to disgrace, actor Peter Fonda tweeted that he wanted to “rip Barron Trump from the arms of Melania and put him in a cage with a gang of pedophiles.”

Let’s hope the Secret Service beats up Peter Fonda.

There is a particularly NASTY alignment of Planets on one side of the sun on JUNE 23…so the entire week will be one for the ages! When I focus on it my circuits just get BLOWN…there is so MUCH input and information….

I will have MORE for you on what the real plan is for Korea, and why we are snuggling up to this fat little tyrant, and how it plays into what looks to be a revived Mongol Empire….


Our APPEALS are finally coming up…and we will need your help! More on that later….

“Seek and you shall find; knock and it will be opened; ASK and it shall be given unto you!”


Dr. Sean-David Morton

PS: VERY! VERY IMPORTANT! I am only allowed SO MANY EMAILS on my “contact list”. If you get this message PLEASE RESPOND, and just say HI or send your love to let me know you are getting this and you WANT to get it. Otherwise I have to start removing names from my list to make room for those that wish my correspondence.