The new Kennedy document release as far as I could tell did not release anything new about Hitler in South America. The stuff I saw from National Archives included stuff released earlier including back in 1992 just after Stone’s film JFK forced the adoption of the new law on releasing documents, and one of those documents released years ago involved Oren Potito and the alleged sighting of Hitler in Columbia (selfie taken at bus stop with the fuhrer) and his survival until at least 1955 in Argentina.
Note the Tom DeLong “disclosure” initiative just recently has Peter Lavenda as a main force on his panel of experts. Lavenda wrote one of those “hunting Hitler” books which makes the case he relocated to the Celebes Islands in Indonesia and is buried there. Lavenda speaks Malaysian, which is basically Indonesian as well, and he apparently actually visited the location and grave site.
Speaking of Malaysia, there has been NO PROGRESS AT ALL on MH370, the missing flight, from March of 2014. What is obvious now is that the USA is running interference and really does know the location of the plane: Inmarsat is a US operation, Australia was tasked with looking in the exactly wrong section of ocean for the plane in order not to find it, and the alleged debris washed up on Reunion, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa (KZN and Cape of Good Hope) have serious problems, including identification, time in water, currents and the whole enchilada. Most were “discovered” all at once in the space of a few months in early 2016, mainly by a US adventurer who just decided he would find them and apparently did, clustered around the anniversary of the plane going missing. Also note Australia had no precedent, no reason and no real interest in spending over 12 million Australian dollars to conduct the fruitless search. Also note Australia was party to the non-disclosure agreement on the related MH17 flight downed in Eastern Ukraine. Also note China has not only not complained their nationals were disappeared in MH370, they haven’t really even contributed to the search effort. THEREFORE USA and China, likely Russia, maybe Malaysia all know what happened and don’t want to talk about it. There is no actual evidence it even turned West at the airspace black spot between Viet Nam, Cambodia and Malaysia, nor that it swung over Penang once or twice, nor that it went west around Bande Ace in westernmost Sumatra. There is no good evidence it was sighted in the Maldives by locals. Le Monde and Australian journos who went there and spoke with locals couldn’t confirm it was the missing flight, and there’s a time discrepancy, it allegedly flew past the southern Maldives three hours two late, unless it performed a holding pattern and perhaps refueled before getting there. The debate in Australia and also in Malaysia is now whether it crashed into the southern Indian Ocean near Antarctica (somewhere not too far from the French Southern Indian Ocean dependency Kerguelen, known for its native cabbage and nothing else, and therefore not too far from the UK’s Herd Island territory) or whether it was gently lowered onto the waves there by the steady hands of the pilot or co-pilot, shades of Miracle on the Hudson. If the debris in Reunion and neighboring islands wasn’t simply planted by the CIA or someone else to reinforce some sort of official non-story, the condition of the parts–a flaperon and a flap–argue the plane must have been intentionally and gently lowered from the sky onto water or ice. A crash scenario would have resulted in a large explosion of debris all over the ocean, much more abundant debris and a different pattern of erosion on the flaperon. Australia’s television program 60 Minutes has pushed the idea the pilot and/or co-pilot must have landed the plane on the water at the end of its flight likely when fuel had run out.
An intentional landing also means the parameters for the outermost radius according to fuel of the plane’s flight could be altered somewhat, meaning the search area must be expanded a little bit, but the zig-zag pattern–military in nature–ascribed to the plane by military radar in Penang, Malaysia and Thailand, if the radar data even exist, means the plane likely didn’t fly to the most extreme point allowed by its fuel, it zig-zagged in similar fashion throughout its flight.
There’s no reason to believe any of the radar data are correct. Malaysian military leaders simply said they saw a “blob” in a certain place at a certain time. Thailand has said even less. No one has released any of the actual radar data, they’ve only said, we saw this, it might have been MH370. Inmarsat’s data should be trusted even less: they are a US defense contractor and their claim they were receiving “hand-shakes” with Rolls Royce engines but no GPS data at all conflicts with known practices.
If the Thai and/or Malay radar data do reflect anything true at all, MH370 was last seen on a heading which if followed could have led to Male, the capital of the Maldives, Somalia, Diego Garcia or even Sri Lanka, but again, these alleged radar data show a pattern up till then of the plane zig-zagging, not following a straight flight-path.
There is no indication the plane did go to Diego Garcia. There was a 4chan troll which alleged to have timecodes for camphone photos from Diego from the MH370 flight, but timecodes are easy to fake. There is a runway there capable of receiving MH370 but the last known hanger there isn’t tall enough to encompass the height of the tail-fin of the Boeing 777.
There is a small reason to believe Diego Garcia was involved, though: numerous remote viewing sessions by people around the world indicated it was a destination, that the passengers were held at gunpoint on a small tropical island, etc.
Malaysia does have a shamanic tradition. The Malay shamans are careful to portray their powers as those of Allah now. One such shaman enlisted the Jinn to find out what happened to MH370. For whatever reason his Jinn spoke English, so he put Malay subtitles under the youtube videos of this. According to his informants from the other side, the Jinn, they helped bring down MH370, gently lowered it on water, sacrificed all of the passengers and apparently crew “di air,” in the water, and the plane was then removed to Arizona where it was placed underground in the desert. The operation was part of a larger Jinn-human initiative to kill all Muslims and to set Muslims to fight and kill other Muslims.
Another psychic, from England, picked up on some details of the final moments of the flight, or final hours. One detail was someone was watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon, or it was being shown on the in-flight entertainment system. The in-flight entertainment system, according to other sources, was or could have been a point for a hacker on the flight or off to gain access by escalating credentials to the flight control system. The flight control system could be accessed physically as well by descending through a hatch in front of the cockpit door in the passenger section, where the ACARS satellite upload system could also be unplugged, which it apparently was around the time MH370 turned off or put on stand-by its air traffic control transponder code broadcast. A flight code theoretically be hacked by a hacker from the ground but the amount of trouble involved makes simply physically hijacking the flight much easier. The General Electric corporation can also change the flight plan by comandeering the flight control system through the Boeing automatic pilot system on 777s designed to wrest back control of an aircraft from hijackers.
The Hantu Air (Spirits of the Water) scenario of a jinn hijacking makes a bit of sense because according to Jinn lore they control electricity, plasma, etc. Parsing the way the US reacted–erecting media cover stories galore, providing no radar or sat data although they had it for the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, sending Australia on a wild-goose chase (probably with Tony Abbot’s connivance)–all this seems to indicate the flight was brought down by the US, although Israel had a motive as well. Malaysia is one of the few countries to have issued bench warrants for the Bush and Cheney war criminals and also has warrants out for Israeli politicians. The flight manifest shows way too many tons of mangusteens flying MH370 to Peking at a time when the mangusteen harvest wouldn’t allow that much biomass, and subsequent flights were also overloaded with “mangusteens,” meaning MH370 and perhaps the return flight MH371 were a smuggling route, perhaps for drugs, ivory, rhino horn or something of that nature. The silence of China on the murder of its nationals argues for state sanction for whatever goods are being smuggled to the capital from Kuala Lumpur. The loss of personnel from a free-energy company (actually a military ballistics company) and the loss of rights to a patent by those personnel is beside the point because the patent was not strategic in any way, it was a bit of non-sense and probably a half-baked cover story. What might have happened is that drone guidance technology was being shipped to China to help back-engineer and/or control a captured US drone there, or something of that nature. There is no evidence the plane turned west over the heavily-disputed South China Sea and crossed back into the Gulf of Thailand and then onto the vastnesses of the Indian Ocean. Penang, a site for the five-eyes echelon agreement, a listening post akin to Menwith Hill and Pine Gap, and the center of the US-UK-Australian military agreement with Malaysia and Singapore, an agreement which allowed for the independence of both Malaysia and Singapore, could not have missed the overflight of MH370. Therefore I think the most likely scenario might be it simply blown out of the sky at the radar blind-spot using an advanced US/Commonwealth plasma or particle weapon leaving behind only electrons, neutrons, protons and maybe some atoms and molecules, not debris on the sea, in order to stop Chinese access to sensitive strategic technology.

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